Kitagawa NeedleEx Needle Extraction

Extraction Needle for Collecting Volatile Organic Compound in Air.  

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NeedlEx is an extraction needle for collecting volatile organic compounds in the air. NeedlEx is a very simple to use system.
Simply attach to a Kitagawa AP-20 Aspirating pump & draw a sample. The VOCs are absorbed inside the NeedlEx. Then simply inject into a Gas Chromatograph using a gas tight syringe, the heat from the injection port desorbs the target gases. (Note: injection temperature differs depending on target gas) No need for special tools or desorption solvents.
  • Excellent reproducibility and simple operation
  • Extended storage possible
  • No costly specialised tools required for adsorption and desorption
  • Reusable - by conditioning for approximately 3 minutes, NeedlEx needles can be reused approximately 25-30 times
Inner Diameter 0.5 mm
Outer Diameter 0.7 mm
Length 85 mm


  • Industrial hygiene
  • Fire/explosion prevention
  • Process control
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Air pollution control
  • Industrial waste water monitoring
  • Mining