Calibration Services

Calibration Services

Calibration Services

Work with confidence knowing that your instruments are accurate, reliable and fully functional with our NATA accredited service centres. All Air-Met Service Centres nation-wide can carry out NATA and traceable calibrations to almost every type of gas detector.

Air-Met flags each piece of equipment for a calibration reminder, taking the hassle out of managing your fleet. At a pre-determined time before your instrument is due for its next service or calibration, we will send a reminder detailing the specific instrument and its serial number.

Air-Met Scientific is proud to be a member of NATA's family of accredited facilities in the provision of calibration services for gas monitors (ISO/IEC 17025). Additionally, Air-Met is NATA accredited for the calibration and testing of air sampling pumps and flow meters. To view our NATA accreditations, please see Accreditations

Calibration Capabilities

  • NATA Calibrations of Portable Gas Monitors
  • Standard Calibrations of Fixed Gas Monitors
  • Standard Calibrations of Portable Gas Monitors
  • NATA Accredited Calibrations and Testing of Air Sampling Pumps and Flow Meters
  • Calibrations of Air Sampling Pumps
  • Water Quality Instrumentation
  • Heat Stress Monitor Calibrations
  • Factory Calibrations of 3M EVM Real-Time Dust Monitors
  • Mercury Vapour Detector Calibrations

Click here to view Air-Met's NATA Scope of Accreditation for Chemical Testing and Air Sampling