Fit Testers

Hearing Protection and Quantitative Respirator Fit Testers

Working in industries with excessive air and noise pollution can cause workers to harm over time should businesses fail to implement correct protective and preventive measures.

While the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as respirators and earplugs are important for the protection of worker health from excessive noise and dust pollution, it is even more important to ensure that these respirators and earplugs are fit tested to ensure they provide the correct seal for each user with a fit testing program.

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testers

Breathing in dust, heavy metals, chemicals, smoke, fumes, and other airborne pollutants can cause adverse health effects especially over prolonged periods of time.

While donning a respirator plays a vital role in the protection of workers, it is twice as important to ensure that a respirator fits your face correctly. A respirator can’t protect a worker if it doesn’t fit their face and contaminated air can leak into your respirator facepiece as a result.

A fit test is performed for each wearer to test the seal between the respirator’s facepiece and the wearer’s face and is performed at least annually using a respirator fit tester. User seal checks can also be performed by the wearer each time a respirator is donned to ensure that a mask is properly worn or if adjustments are needed therefore providing an additional level of protection in a respirator safety program.

Hearing Protection Fit Testers

Noise doesn't have to be extremely loud for it to cause damage, as prolonged exposure to sounds like machinery and construction can also lead to hearing loss.

The harder the cells in your ears have to work, the more likely they are to die, which can lead to a reduction in your hearing and ultimately potential and permanent loss. As your ears are damaged by noise, they can also become more sensitive to vibrations which can cause further issues and pain.

While the wearing of hearing protection is vital for the protection of each employee’s hearing, hearing protection fit testers and validation systems such as the E-A-Rfit provides quantitative measurements of each employee’s protection and therefore ensures your workers are wearing the right hearing protection for their work environment.

Available for sale or rental, Air-Met Scientific supplies a range of respirator fit testers and hearing protection fit testers from the most reputable brands on the market including OHD Global and TSI Inc.

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