Surface and Dermal Sampling

Surface and Dermal Sampling

Surface and Dermal Sampling

Skin exposure to chemicals in the workplace can cause a range of health problems especially when the absorption can occur without being noticed by the worker. Non-volatile chemicals that are hazardous are even more concerning as they can remain on work surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Air-Met Scientific offers a complete range of surface and skin sampling swab test kits and indicators from CLI and SKC Inc that are ideal for testing a variety of chemicals.

These include:
  • Lead
  • Aromatic amines
  • Aromatic isocyanates
  • Aliphatic amines
  • Isocyanate
  • Hydrazine
  • Acid/Bases
  • Metals such as lead and chromium
  • Methamphetamine residue

The effects of skin exposure to hazardous substances

Contact with hazardous substances whether directly via a surface that has been contaminated with the hazardous substance can cause a range of health problems. Some of these are localised to the skin and can result in irritation, allergic responses, burns, allergic contact dermatitis. Additional to the effects of chemicals directly on skin, the skin can also act as a pathway for chemicals to be absorbed into the body and therefore affect other organs within the body. Care should be taken in handling chemicals and hazardous substances to avoid risks from exposure and to comply with occupational health and safety guidelines.

Surface and dermal samplers play an important part of any occupational health and safety program. Fast, easy to use and accurate, swab test kits, wipes and sampling test kits are an important tool to help identify work practices that may result in exposure, educating workers about prevention and reinforcing safe work practices.

Our Surface and Skin Sampling Product range includes:

Our surface and skin sampling product range includes:

Dermal Samplers: Air-Met’s range of dermal samplers from SKC Inc are simple, easy to use and visible proof of hazardous exposure on the skin. Our range includes Full Disclosure Lead Detection kits and Skin SWYPEs used to detect the presence of aromatic amines, aromatic isocyanates, aliphatic amines, aliphatic isocyanates, hydrazine, and acids/bases.

Surface Samplers: From 3M to CLI by SKC Inc, we offer a wide range of swab test kits and wipe kits for the effective identification of surface contamination and hazards. Ideal for on-the-spot screening of at-risk surfaces, our range includes LeadCheck™ Kits, MethChek Methamphetamine Test Kits, Ghost Wipes, Smear Tabs, Surface SWYPEs and more.

For more information about our range of surface and dermal sampling test kits, contact your local Air-Met Scientific office at one of our six locations across Australia today.