Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

In major cities all around the world, people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors whether this be in the workplace with mechanical ventilation systems and artificial lighting or at home.

According to EPA Australia, the term ‘sick building syndrome’ (SBS) is used to describe an excess of chronic symptoms that appear to be linked to the amount of time spent in a building or enclosed space, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. Short-term symptoms include irritation of the skin, eyes and throat, headaches and nausea, while longer-term symptoms include respiratory disease or cancer which may be caused by long term exposure to chemicals, such as formaldehyde and microscopic fibres such as asbestos.

The result of the symptoms and conditions can consequently cause an increase in sickness absenteeism and/or a decrease in worker productivity.

Indoor Environment Monitoring for Healthy & Efficient Workplaces

The resulting symptoms and conditions of SBS can consequently result in an increase in sickness absenteeism and/or decrease in worker productivity which is why businesses are increasingly interested in air quality and indoor environment monitoring systems to assist with ensuring optimal working conditions and to maximise worker productivity.

To meet these needs, Air-Met Scientific offers a range of monitoring solutions including the TSI EVM and the Aeroqual S500 Air Quality Monitor to anemometers for the measurement of airflow, velocity and temperature.

Our experienced teams can help you maintain a safe, healthy and energy efficient workplace. 

Quality Indoor Air Quality Monitors from Air-Met Scientific

Indoor air quality monitors assist with alerting us of the presence of toxic pollutants and are generally carried out to ensure workplaces are complying with OHS and HSE standards.

Sourced from industry-leading manufacturers, our IAQ monitoring product range are available for sale or hire and includes:

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