Rental Equipment List

Rental Equipment List

Rental Equipment Product List

Air-Met Scientific is Australia’s largest safety and environmental monitoring equipment hire business. Operating in 6 locations Australia wide, we specialise in the rental of air, dust, water quality, gas, soil, radiation, heat and noise and vibration monitoring and detection equipment.

With over 25 years of expert experience, six offices for customer convenience and an extensive fleet of well-maintained rental equipment, Air-Met Scientific offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining new and used safety and environmental monitoring equipment.

Our range is available for daily, weekly and monthly hire making it ideal for both short or long-term rentals.

Industrial Equipment Hire

Trusted by safety and environmental professionals, Air-Met’s equipment range is suited to a broad range of applications relating to safety and environmental monitoring. Sourced from leading local and international suppliers including SKC Inc, Industrial Scientific, Narda Safety Test Solutions, 3M, QED, Solinst, Geotech Environmental, OHD Global and TSI Inc, our equipment rental product range includes:

  • Water Monitoring and Sampling Systems: From peristaltic pumps to water quality meters, level loggers, interface meters, low flow kits and a wide range of complementing consumables, Air-Met’s range of water monitoring and sampling systems are ideal for water quality monitoring, low flow groundwater sampling, groundwater level measurements, borehole and hydrocarbon monitoring and more.
  • Soil Sampling and Monitoring: : Ideal for conducting soil assessments and contamination investigations, Air-Met has a wide range of   soil sampling for equipment rental including soil augers, sludge sediment samplers and core samplers are designed for tough field use and are available for sale or rental.
  • Radiation Monitoring Equipment: As the exclusive distributor of the EMF Safety Product Range from Narda Safety Test Solutions, our radiation measurement product range includes wideband and frequency selective measuring devices. Suitable for low, high, area radiation and personal safety.
  • Air Sampling and Dust Monitoring: Offering the latest in air sampling and dust monitoring technology, our product range includes air sampling pumps, dust monitors, environmental monitoring stations, particulate monitors, and more.
  • Fit Testers: Sourced from leading suppliers such as OHD Global and 3M. Our range of fit testers are available for sale and hire and are suitable for respiratory fit testing, both Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) and Ambient Aerosol (CNC) and hearing protection fit testing.
  • Gas Detection: Toxic and combustible gases pose a significant threat to both personnel and workplace safety. Sourced from leading local and international suppliers such as Industrial Scientific and Ion Science, Air-Met’s range of portable gas detectors include single and multi-gas monitors, photoionisation monitors (PIDs), gas docking stations, landfill gas detectors, calibration gas and more.
  • Sound, Noise and Vibration Monitoring: Suitable for the monitoring of workplace noise, sound and vibration hazards, our range includes type 1 and type 2 sound level meters, noise dosimeters, vibration monitors and environmental noise monitoring stations.
  • Heat Stress Monitoring: An essential to workplace heat stress programs, Air-Met’s range of heat stress and thermal monitoring solutions can be used for the measurement and logging of heat stress parameters such as Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) and Thermal Work Limit (TWL).

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not sure what is the most suitable equipment for your needs? Contact your local rental team to discuss your project and equipment needs. 

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