Equipment Rental Product List - Air Quality / Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Air-Met Scientific's fleet of air quality and indoor air quality monitoring rental items from leading suppliers such as SKC Inc, 3M and TSI Inc are available for both short term and long term rentals. Items for rental are available with daily, weekly and monthly rates. 

Contact your local rental team for more information on how we can assist your project and equipment needs.

Air Quality Sampling Pumps
SKC Inc Pocket Pump (20 - 225ml)  
SKC PCXR4 Universal Pump (5-5000ml)  
SKC Inc PCXR8 Universal Pump (5-5000ml)  
SKC AirChek 52 Sample Pump (5-3000ml)  
SKC AirChek 2000 Sample Pump (5-3250ml)  
SKC AirChek XR5000 Sample Pump (5-5000ml)  
SKC AirChek 3000 Sampling Pump  
SKC Quicktake 30 Sampling Pump  
Sampling Pump Calibrators And Accessories
Cassetter/Cyclone Holder 225-1  
Low Flow Tube Holder Type A 222-3-1( 70mm length)  
SKC IOM Sampler 225-70A  
Plastic Cyclone 37mm 225-69-37  
SKC GS3 Cyclone 225-103  
Indoor Air Quality Monitors
TSI Q-Track - Indoor Air Quality Monitor  
3M Quest EVM 4 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor  
TSI Hot Wire Anemometer  
TSI Rotating Vane Anemometer  
Heat Stress Monitors
3M QuesTemp 34 / QuesTemp 36 - Heat Stress Monitor  
3M QuesTemp 46 Area Heat Stress Monitor  
Scarlet TWL-1S Heat Stress Monitor  


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