GS-3 Conductive Plastic Respirable Dust Cyclone

Used with a Standard Three-Piece Cassette with Filter for the Collection of Respirable Dust Particles

The GS-3 Cyclone is a 10-mm lightweight conductive plastic sampler used with a standard three-piece cassette with filter for the collection of respirable dust particles. 
The GS-3 Cyclone’s removable cassette adapter securely holds the filter cassette in place during sampling. Designed to conform to ISO/CEN particle size-selection criteria (ISO 7708:1995), the GS-3 Cyclone has a 50% cut-point of 4 µm (bias within ISO/OSHA/NIOSH requirements) at 2.75 L/min (Calibrated at U.K. Health and Safety Laboratory) or a 3.5 µm at 3.7 L/min (Determined using experimental data obtained at flows from 2 to 4 L/min) for alternate applications. In addition, the GS-3 Cyclone meets the requirements in the OSHA proposed rule for silica.
Traditionally, respirable dust sampling with a cyclone has been performed using a clear styrene cassette. NIOSH now suggests that conductive black polypropylene cassettes are a better option for this application to minimise cassette wall losses.
With low mean bias and higher flow rate requirements, the GS-3 Cyclone provides better sampling accuracy when compared to the performance of other cyclones used for respirable dust collection. Furthermore, the multiple-inlet GS-3 Cyclone overcomes sampling problems that have been reported with the single-inlet Dorr-Oliver Cyclone.
For more information on the GS-3 Conductive Dust Cyclone, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Operates at 2.75 L/min to conform to ISO/CEN particle size selection criteria
    • Meets requirements in the OSHA proposed rule for silica
  • Tangential inlet design decreases particle losses due to impaction
  • Multiple-inlet design overcomes problems reported with the Dorr-Oliver Cyclone
    • Eliminates ambient wind speed and orientation effects
  • Conductive plastic is safe for underground mine use
    • Eliminates adverse electrostatic effects
Sample Time Varies
Sample Rate
2.75 L/min for 4.0-µm 50% cut-point*
3.7 L/min for 3.5-µm 50% cut-point†
Sample Pump Universal or AirChek Series
Sample Media 25 or 37-mm filters in 3-piece cassettes
Tubing 1/4-inch ID
* Calibrated at U. K. Health and Safety Laboratory
† Determined using experimental data obtained at flows from 2 to 4 L/min
  • For dust particulate monitoring