YSi Inc

YSi Inc

YSI Inc. 

Founded in 1948 in Ohio, YSI Inc is part of the Xylem Brand and work with professionals to develop water monitoring solutions for our planet’s natural resources. Whether you are concerned with climate change, floods, droughts, storm water runoff, clean drinking water, or healthy ecosystems, YSI can partner with you to provide reliable water resource instruments and systems.

YSI instruments, software, and data collection platforms are focused on environmental monitoring and testing. The integrated systems we deliver to our customers help them to obtain critical data about the quality of water.

YSI groundwater instruments can be used down-well or in a flow cell.  Down-well sensors can be used to take spot measurements or deployed continuously for long-term, unattended monitoring.  Flow cells are offered in various sizes, including low volume for low yield wells.  Available sensors include dissolved oxygen, level, pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, nitrate, temperature and turbidity.

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