Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring

Portable and personal radiation monitoring devices are designed for the measurement and protection against the damaging effects of electromagnetic, radio frequency and microwave radiation.

Radiation is classed into two types: non-ionising radiation and ionising radiation. Ionisation is the process where the ionising radiation has so much energy it causes electrons to break away from an atom. Ionising radiation has more energy than non-ionising radiation and can cause chemical changes by breaking chemical bonds. This in effect can cause damage to living tissue. Common sources of exposure to ionising radiation include nuclear reactions, nuclear decay, the sun, x-rays, the soil and more.

On the contrary, non-ionising radiation is found on the long-wavelength end of the spectrum and has enough energy to move or excite atoms in a molecule around causing them to vibrate faster. An example of this is when you use a microwave and the non-ionising radiation in the microwave oven causes the water molecules to vibrate faster therefore creating heat. Other common sources or non-ionising radiation include radio waves, visible light, infrared and more. And while non-ionising radiation doesn’t penetrate deep into the tissues, it does however cause a number of adverse health effects predominantly to the skin and eyes such as sunburn or snow blindness, skin cancers, increased risk of cataracts and more.

Radiation Detectors for Area and Personal Radiation Monitoring

Exposure to high levels of radiation can be extremely dangerous to not only workers on site but the local community. The exclusive distributor for Narda Safety Test Solution EMF products in Australia, Air-Met Scientific supplies a complete range of area and personal emf meters to ensure the worker and general public safety when working around non-ionising radiation.

Our product range includes:

  • Area Radiation Monitors: Narda EMF Monitors provide businesses, authorities, and mobile providers with powerful instruments ideal for performing long-term on-site evaluations of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) wherever they are present. Narda EMF Monitors not only ensure effective and reliable monitoring of EMF, they also allow fast and easy access to the data via the mobile network.
  • High-Frequency Monitors: High-frequency radiation is often referred to as radiofrequency (RF). These devices monitor RF specifically and alert you when these levels go beyond that threshold. High-Frequency Meters such as the SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter provides the user with automatic evaluations taking various human safety standards into account directly in the instrument. It eliminates any measurement uncertainty and complicated calculations.
  • Low Frequency Monitors: These devices are specifically designed for the monitoring and measurement of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation which can be emitted from magnetic fields or electric fields. Low-frequency currents can irritate sensory, nerve and muscle cells within the body.
  • Personal Radiation Meters: Personal radiation meters such as the Narda RadMan 2 are designed to be worn on the body to monitor electromagnetic fields and alert workers who work around sources such as broadcasting or telecommunication towers and radar installations when field strengths exceed relevant safety limits.

To find out more about Air-Met’s range of radiation monitoring equipment, contact our teams now at any of the six locations across Australia.