Shutdown Solutions

Shutdown Solutions

Plant Shutdown Equipment Hire Solutions

Plant shutdowns or turnarounds are routine temporary closures of a site to perform and undertake maintenance activity. A complete cessation of plant activities is required to perform necessary maintenance, repairs, equipment replacements and perform internal maintenance. These events can be stressful for both maintenance and operations personnel however a well-planned shutdown can positively impact the site and significantly increase the long-term productivity levels of your plant or worksite, avoid worker injuries, reduce costly outages and reduce overtime.

While all plant activities and production are stopped during a shutdown to facilitate maintenance and repair work, there are hazards such as personnel operating in confined spaces or the risk of exposure of workers to toxic chemicals and fumes. Some of the control measures to keep in mind to protect workers and other people from hazards associated with plant shutdown are:

  • To ensure the workers are aware of the control measures to reduce the potential exposure to hazards and understand them.
  • The hazards associated with the plant are identified
  • Ensure all safety procedures are being followed
  • Safely move equipment and chemicals.
  • All equipment is unplugged, locked out and the piping systems are deenergised, drained and vented.

Why rent from Air-Met Scientific for your maintenance shutdown?

A key part of your plant shurtdown is to ensure safety. With the increase in personnel on-site and the need for additional protective personal equipment such as confined space gas detectors, we understand that it does not make sense to invest and maintain expensive equipment to use only for the duration of the shutdown Whether the turnaround is 15 days or a couple of months, it is important to have quality and reliable safety equipment to protect the health of your workers.
Air-Met’s rental solutions allows you to hire a wide range of well-maintained and serviced safety equipment including gas detectors and dust monitors while only paying for the time you are using them. With over 6 locations conveniently located around Australia, our rental departments have over 14,000 pieces of OHS and environmental monitoring equipment available for hire for your next shutdown and our experienced team members can assist you with any technical support required to ensure your shutdown runs smoothly and on schedule.

Our range of personal and area safety monitoring equipment available for hire include:

  • Personal and area gas monitors for confined space gas detection
  • Dust monitors for the protection of workers from particulate hazards
  • Air quality monitors for both indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Noise and sound monitors which may be required to ensure noise levels are within safety limits when operating heavy machinery.

Contact your local rental team on 1300 137 067 to learn more about our shutdown solutions. 

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