Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Improve monitoring efficiency without needing to physically download data in the field from each station with Air-Met’s range of solutions. With solar-powered options, Air-Met’s range offers the latest in innovative technology and is designed for long-term and remote applications.

Whether it is for safety or compliance, our low-cost air quality monitors and noise and vibration monitoring solutions enable users to easily access real-time data from the comfort of your office or home via any device with internet capability.

And when evolving industry demands cannot be catered for by existing products, Air-Met’s in-house engineering team can also tailor, design and manufacture monitoring stations to meet unique environmental applications.

Ambient Air Quality, Monitoring Systems for Noise, Vibration and More

Air-Met Scientific offers a complete range from low cost air quality monitors to premium monitoring equipment to measure parameters such as ambient air quality, noise, vibration, and weather. Our range is sourced from leading local and international suppliers including Air-Met Scientific, Aeroqual and Met One.

Our Environmental Monitoring product range includes:

  • Air Quality Monitoring: Whether you are observing general safety or compliance, Air-Met’s range of fixed and portable air quality meters are designed to provide users with reliable and accurate data to assist in timely safety decision making.
  • Noise and Vibration Monitoring: Excess noise and vibrations are not only an annoyance, but they can also cause structural and environmental damage. Designed to measure environmental noise and vibration, Air-Met’s range of solutions are designed to accurately measure noise and vibration levels in the environment to ensure they comply with regulation and health and safety practices.

For more information or to discuss your environmental requirements, contact our team at any of our six locations throughout Australia.