Air Sampling

Air Sampling

Air Sampling

Contaminants from gases to vapours and particulates such as dust and fibres can be extremely harmful and sometimes deadly to those who inhale them. As a result, the level of exposure to these hazardous substances must be monitored with air sampling equipment to protect workers. As all our equipment is owned, maintained, and calibrated in-house, we are a trusted provider to many industries, including air sampling companies.

Types of Contaminants in Air Sampling

As airborne contaminants in a workplace can present significant health and safety issues for workers, identification, and quantification of these contaminants via air monitoring assessments are an essential component of any health and safety program. Contaminants that can be tested for can be classed into three main categories based on their physical properties:

  • Particulates – particulate matter is further subdivided into 6 types consisting of aerosols, dust, fumes, smokes, mist and fibres.
  • Vapours – gaseous phase of a substance that usually exists as a liquid or solid at normal room temperature and pressure.
  • Gases – a substance that usually exists as a liquid or solid at normal room temperature and pressure.

Quality air sampling equipment you can count on

As Australia's leading air sampling, air monitoring and air quality equipment supplier, Air-Met Scientific has proudly been distributing quality products from SKC for over 37 years. Trusted by occupational hygienists and industry professionals, our product range includes:

  • Personal and Area Air Sample Pumps: Our range of SKC Air Sampling Pumps are available in high and low flow rates to suit a variety of sampling applications and are available for sale or rental.
  • Pump Calibrators and Accessories: Air-Met's range includes air sampling pump calibrators such as the SKC ChekMate and Defender Series, rotameters, flow meters and more.
  • Particulate sampling media: Our range includes filters, samplers, and cyclones. One of our popular products is the DPM Cyclone by SKC, which is designed for sampling in atmosphere where it is necessary to separate DPM from other respirable dust such as coal dust.
  • Gas and vapour sampling media: Our extensive range of gas and vapour sampling media and accessories include adjustable low flow tube holders, bulk sorbents, SKC Tedlar Bags, passive samplers and more.

Air-Met Scientific is your one-stop-shop for all your air quality monitoring and air quality sampling needs. So, if you are looking for an air sampling unit or a low flow air pump, we can assist you in six convenient locations positioned across Australia. We offer local support and can help you in selecting the right pumps and sampling media for your monitoring requirements.

Contact us now to discuss your individual needs.