Soil and Groundwater Monitoring

Soil and Groundwater Monitoring

Soil and Groundwater Monitoring

Soil and groundwater assessments are both essential elements in sustainable environmental management and usually involves the collection of samples via bore holes and monitoring wells. Apart from collecting water samples to monitor and assess water quality, water quality meters such as the YSI ProDSS Handheld Multiparameter Meter can also be used to record data at a single point in time.

Sourced from industry leading manufacturers such as Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc, AMS Inc, YSI Inc and Solinst Ltd, Air-Met’s quality range of soil sampling and groundwater and water quality monitoring equipment are preferred by industry professionals and are available for purchase and hire.

Groundwater Monitoring Equipment for Well and Borehole Monitoring

Groundwater is the water beneath the earth’s surface and moves slowly between gaps in rocks and sediment. Groundwater is an important source of water for towns, industries and irrigators and is equally as important for some ecosystems.

While groundwater levels can change naturally over time due to changes in weather patterns and climate change, the levels can also react to withdrawal by humans using wells or bores. This extraction also has the potential to alter the natural flow of groundwater. Time can also affect the quantity and quality of the groundwater.

As a result, groundwater monitoring provides critical data on quality and quantity and is an essential aspect for groundwater and land management. The sampling of groundwater can be undertaken for a variety of reasons including:

  • To monitor the effect of management on water tables
  • To monitor any change in the water quality
  • To track the direction of water level changes
  • To assess the risk of increasing salinity
  • For the evaluation of land management practices on groundwater levels

Whether you are monitoring for groundwater level, groundwater quality or undertaking groundwater remediation, Air-Met Scientific offer a wide variety of groundwater monitoring equipment to suit your needs including:

  • Water quality meters
  • Water level meters
  • Passive, electric & pneumatic total fluid & dissolved phase remediation equipment
  • Interface meters
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Water quality consumables including tubing, in-line filters, decontamination solutions and more.

Hand Augers, Sludge Sediment Samplers and Soil Sampling Equipment

Soil assessments focus on collecting samples for specific analysis based on known or suspected environmental conditions. Recovered soil samples are generally sent to laboratories for further analysis using products such as AMS Professional Soil Sampling Kit which features the trusted AMS ¾in  threaded connection and have thicker cutting teeth with stronger welds.  Commonly used for contamination investigations such as site assessments during construction, agricultural and geotechnical applications, Air-Met's range of AMS Inc Soil Sampling equipment are designed for tough field use and are available for sale or rental.

Our product range includes:

  • Soil Augers
  • Soil Core Samplers
  • Sludge Sediment Samplers
  • Gas Vapour Implants

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