Working intimately with leading pioneers in developing and applying technology to the workplace and environmental healthy and safety industry, Air-Met is capable of delivering world leading tehchnologies and solutions from suppliers such as Industrial Scientific, SKC Inc, Narda Safety Test Solutions, 3M Technologies and YSI Inc. to increase and enhance workplace and enviromental operational efficiency and safety. Air-Met Scientific's product range includes portable gas detectors, fixed gas detection units, dust monitors, sound and noise monitors, air sampling equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, heat stress monitors, radiation monitors, soil and water quality monitoring equipment and more. 

In additional to equipping our clients with the latest and best instrumentation, our highly specialised operational and maintenance teams can provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure prologe life of your assets.

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Air Sampling
Dust and Aerosol Sampling
Environmental Monitoring
Fixed Gas Detection

Proudly distributing SKC Ltd air sampling pumps and accessories for over 30 years, Air-Met Scientific is a leading supplier of professional air sampling equipment for industrial hygiene, safety, occupational health and indoor air quality.

Active Gas and Vapour Sampling
Area Sampling Pumps
Bioaerosol Sampling
Calibrators and Accessories
Constant Flow Personal Air Sampling
Particulate Sampling
Passive (Diffusive) Gas and Vapour Sampling

Light scattering devices for measuring and logging of airborne particulate concentrations in the breathing zone and ambient air.

Dust Monitoring Kit
High Volume Samplers
Real Time Dust Monitors

Delivering innovative, reliable and cost effective environmental monitoring solutions applicable to a wide range of environmental monitoring applications including air sampling, water quality monitoring, dust monitoring, noise and sound monitoring and environmental compliance and regulation monitoring via remote environmental monitoring systems.

Air Quality Monitoring
Noise and Vibration Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring

Offering a wide range of fixed gas detection systems comprising of oxygen, carbon monoxide, refrigerant as well as comprehensive controlling systems.

OEM Sensors
Heat Stress Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Noise, Sound and Vibration Monitors
Portable Gas Detection

Personal, portable and fixed heat stress monitors. Used for the measurement and logging of the WBGT index as an indicator of thermal stress in high temperature, high humidity and high physical activity working environments.

Heat Stress Monitors
Heat Stress Software
Hydration Solutions

Real-time monitors for continuous short or long term measurement and logging of indoor environment parameters such as carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint.

Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Hand-held and personal instruments for the measurement and logging of noise dose, sound pressure level and vibrations in commercial and industrial workplaces.

Noise and Sound Monitors
Calibrators and Accessories
Vibration Meters

Hand-held personal portable gas detection instruments to detect and monitor toxic and explosive gases as well as oxygen deficient conditions. For use in industrial, commercial and residential situations.

Calibration Gas
Complete Kits
Instrument Management Systems and Docking Stations
Landfill Gas Analysers
Leak Detectors
Personal and Confined Space Gas Detectors
Portable Mercury Analysers
Spot Test Gas Detection Tubes
VOC, Isocyanate and Ozone Monitors
Portable Area Gas Monitors
Radiation Monitoring
Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
Surface and Dermal Sampling

Portable and personal devices for the measurement and protection against the damaging effects of electromagnetic, radio frequency and microwave radiation.

Area Radiation Meters
High Frequency Meters
Low Frequency Meters
Personal Radiation Meters

Striving to provide cost effective and innovative groundwater monitoring and sampling solutions from industry leading suppliers to help you meet your groundwater monitoring challenges.

Free Phase Remediation Equipment
Interface Meters
Soil Sampling
Total Fluid and Dissolved Phase Groundwater Remediation
Water Level and Pressure Meters
Water Quality Consumables
Water Quality Sampling

Swabs and test kits for detecting skin and surface contamination due to lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel, chromate, amines, isocyanates, fungal spores and other biohazards occurring in industrial, commercial and residential environments.

Swabs and Kits