Equipment Rental Product List - Gas Detection / Monitoring

Air-Met Scientific's extensive fleet of well maintained and up to date equipment rental items are available for both short term and long term rentals. Items for rental are available with daily, weekly and monthly rates. 

Contact your local rental team for more information on how we can assist your project and equipment needs.

Personal Portable Gas Monitoring Equipment And Accessories
Single Sensor Portable Gas Monitor (H2S, CO, O2) - Option ISC GasBadge Pro Single Gas Monitor  
LEL/O2 Portable Gas Monitor  
Portable LEL / O2 / PID Gas Monitor  
Portable Gas Monitor Options: Industrial Scientific Ventis MX4, Industrial Scientific MX6  
Portable Multi Gas Monitor (up to 4 standard sensors from O2, LEL, CO, H2S. SO2)  
Portable Multi Gas Monitor (5 standard sensors O2, LEL, CO, H2S. SO2  
Additional sensors available including toxic sensors, CO2 Infrared Sensors, PID Sensors)  
Aeroqual Ozone  Monitor  
DS2 Gas Monitor Docking Station (includes software, cables and power cables)  
Laptop (for use with DS2 Docking Stations)  
Gas Detection Sampling Probes (extendable up to 6ft)  
Kitagawa Gas Detection Tube Hand Pump  
RadioDetection Multi-Gas Leak Locator MGF-2002  
Gas Leak Detector And Mercury Vapour Detectors
Ion Science GasCheck 5000 iS Multi Gas Leak Detector  
Ion Science GasCheck 3000 Multi Gas Leak Detector  
MGD-2002 Multi Gas Leak Detector  
MVI - Ion Science Mercury Vapour Monitor  
PID And FID Detectors
Ion Science CUB PID Monitor  
Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger Photoionisation Detector  
Minirae 3000 PID  
Ion Science Tiger Select PID (For Benzene Monitoring - scrubber tubes required)  
Photovac MicroFID I (Flame Ionisation Monitor)  
Photovac MicroFID II (Flame Ionisation Detector)  
Landfill Gas Detector (Chemical, Infrared And Laser)
Gas Data GFM410 Landfill Gas Meter (CO2, CH4, LEL, H2S, O2, CO and Baro)  
Landtec GEM2000 Landfill Gas Meter (CO2, CH4, LEL, H2S, O2, CO and Baro)  
Gas Data GFM430 Landfill Gas Meter (CO2, CH4, LEL, H2S, O2, CO, Baro and Flow)  
Landtec GA5000 Landfill Gas Meter (CO2, CH4, LEL, H2S, O2, CO, Baro and Flow)  
Gazomat Inspectra Laser Portable Gas Leak Detector (CH4)  
Huberg Laser One  
Envision EVN100 Landfill Gas Analyser  


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