GFM430 Landfill Gas Analyser

ATEX and MCert Certified Land Fill Gas Analysers. 

The GFM400 Series of handheld ¬field instruments mark a step change in the design, performance and maintenance of portable landfill gas analysers. They meet all current demands from the landfill, biogas and contaminated land monitoring markets.
Incorporating industrial standard sensors and user replaceable battery packs the GFM400 series leads the way for easy expansion, easy upgrade and easy maintenance.  
Measuring gas concentrations, pressures, flows and temperatures the GFM430, is ideal for monitoring landfill gas migration and conducting contaminated land site investigations.

For more information on the GFM430 Landfill Gas Analyser, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Up to 7 gas analysis channels
  • 4 Wavelength optical infra-red analyser
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Powerful sample pump
  • User replaceable sample filter
  • Field replaceable/rechargeable battery pack
  • Optional flow, pressure and temperature
  • Industry standard sensors
  • Open upgrade path
  • Data storage option
Infrared CH4 Analysis 0-100%
LEL 0-100%
Infrared CO2 Analysis 0-100%
Electrochemical O2 Analysis 0-25%
Atmospheric Pressure 800 to 1200 mbar
Optional Gas Channels CO, H2, H2S
Borehole Flow Measurement Range -60 to +100 l/hour
Borehole Flow Measurement Resolution 0.1 l/hour
Borehole Flow Measurement Pressure +1000/-1000 Pa (Typical)
Certifiation ATex
  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Contaminated site monitoring
  • Biogas monitoring