Envision Gas Analyser

A Landfill Gas Analyser With NDIR and Electrochemical Sensors to Measure CH4, CO2 and O2 Concentrations in Landfill Gas


Utilising NDIR sensors, the Envision Gas Analyser is a unique hand held field instrument that measures methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) along with an electrochemical cell to measure oxygen (O2) concentrations of LFG, the Envision Gas Analyser also houses 5 pressure sensors to provide greater accuracy over a larger span of pressures present in modern landfill gas collection systems. The gas analyser also measures temperature and flow within landfill gas and bio-gas collection systems. 

The Envision Gas Analyser System is comprised of two components:

  1. Trimble Handheld Computer 
    The first component is a highly ruggedised field computer from Trimble. The Trimble series handhelds are all-in-one field computers for GIS (Geographic Information System) data collection and mobile GIS applications, combining a handheld computer powered by the Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1 operating system. The Trimble series handhelds connect to the Envision® via Bluetooth® or via serial cable. The Trimble series handhelds come standard with Bluetooth and 802.11. Optional features may also be selected such as GPS, barcode scanner, and/or an internal camera. The Trimble field computer utilises the Elkins Earthworks® Gas Analyzer proprietary software to operate the Envision® gas analyser.
  2. The Envision Gas Analyser Unit
    The Envision® gas analyser houses the gas and pressure sensors. The gas analyser utilises infrared sensors to measure CH4 and CO2. The Envision® uses an electrochemical cell to measure O2 concentration and an accurate thermistor temperature probe to measure wellhead gas temperatures. Data generated by the Envision® gas analyser is relayed to the Trimble® via Bluetooth or serial cable several times per second.

For more information on the Envision Gas Analyser, contact your local Air-Met office. 

  • Multiple sensors - NDIR and Electrochemical Cells
  • Versatile
    The Envision Gas Analyser can be configured to save you time and effort. Utilising the bluetooth link between the handheld PC and the Envision Gas Analyser Unit allows for multiple ways to use the system and change configurations
  • Wireless Connectivity
    The Elkins Gas Analyser program will run on any device running Windows Moble CE. It is recommended that you use a strong, all weathered devide such as the Juniper Archer 2 or Trimble Juno which are IP68 rated for dust and water. 
  • Edit on the go
    The Envision was made by technicians for technicians. That means saying goodbye to limitations that have been placed on you by other equipment. The Envision system provides you, the technician, with the ability to manage each individual sample point on the handheld PC when you are in the field. If you need to change an orifice plate size in the field then go ahead! The Envision allows you to make the change and immediately take a reading to verify your corrective action. Would you like to add a new well ID and then mark its GPS location? Get it done instantly and continue on with your tuning event.
Operation Range
Unit Minimum Maximum Comments
Envision -4°F (-20°C) 140°F (60°C) Heater unit option for low temperatures
Gas Sensors
Gas Sensors Range Comments
CH4 0-100% Infra-Red Cell
CO2 0-100% Infra-Red Cell
O2 0-35% Electrochemical
Pump Specifications
H2O Flow (cc/min)
-138 260
Battery Specifications
Battery Life up to 500 full charge cycles
Battery Construction NiMH (no memory)
Charge Time 4 hours from complete discharge
  • Landfill gas monitoring