MGD-2002 Multi-Gas Locator

Portable Multi-Gas Leak Locator Designed for Pinpoint Accuracy of Gas Leaks


The Radiodetection MGD-2002 Leak Gas Locator is a portable leak-locating and pinpointing device that can be used in a multitude of pressurised systems to detect both hydrogen and helium when used as a tracer gas. Both gasses are lighter than air which means they have the capacity to penetrate and permeate through densest soils therefore enabling the leak to be pinpointed easily.

The MGD-2002 detector has the capabilities and sensitivity you need to accurately locate a leaks in areas such as pipes, underground tanks, cable as well as tracing leaks in almost any pressurised  system. Convenient and easy to use, the MGD-2002 provides over 8 hours of user per charge and is suitable for any job that requires accurate leak detection.  Ideal for use by plumbers, building contractors and tank inspectors, the  MGD-2002 leak locator is ideal for leak detection in applications such as refrigeration systems, radiant heat flooring, underground ducted cables, splice cases and municipal water systems.

The MGD-2002 is available at Air-Met for sale and rental

For more information on the MGD-2002 Multi-Gas Locator, contact your local Air-Met office.

  • Pinpoints accuracy with sensitivity from 25PPM up to 100% concentration
  • Replaceable moisture removing cartridge and wand
  • Tactile membrane keypad
  • Easy to use
  • Field replaceable battery
  • Time lapse bar graph display
  • Accuracy in the most pressurised systems
  • Helium to be used as tracer gas
  • 8 hours of usage per charge
  • Temperature range of -10°C to 45°C


 33.7cm x 12.3cm x 8.3cm


 1400 grams
 6800 grams

Temperature Range

 -10°c to +45°c

Humidity Range

 20% RH to 50% RH


 (Min)          25 PPM
 (Max)         1,000,000PPM (100%)
 (increment) 25 PPM


 Hydrogen (H2) / Helium (He)


 (Low range) +/- 25 PPM
 (High range) +/- 0.2 %

Response Time

 2 Seconds (approx.)

Audio Out

 Pulse Width Modulation


 128 Bit x 64 Bit Dot Matrix
 With long life backlight


 (Type)    Infineon (16 Bit)
 (Speed) 20 MHZ
 (ROM)   512 KBytes


 (Voltage)              7.2 VDC
 (Type)                   Nickel Metal Hydride
 (Weight)                383.0 grams
 (Run Time)            6-8 Hours Continuous
 (Charging Cycles) 300 - 500
 (Charging Volts)    9.5 - 14 VDC @ 2A

MGD-2002 leak locating applications include:

  • Welds, Joints, Seams, Gaskets
  • Medical Device Testing
  • Refrigeration System
  • Industrial Air/Gas/Liquid, Piping systems
  • Aircraft Oxygen systems
  • Buried Water Systems
  • Radiant Heat Flooring
  • Secondary Containment Systems
  • Electronics Chip Doping
  • Under Slab or Buried Piping Systems
  • Direct buried Telephone Cables
  • Underground Ducted Cables
  • Air Pipe Systems
  • Splice Cases
  • Municipal Water Systems