Detector Tube 251U For Diesel Fuel

Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube For The Detection Of Diesel Fuel. 

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The Kitagawa Detector Tube 251U for diesel is available for the monitoring of residual and leakage of tank stored diesel fuels. For the same purpose, jet fuels and/or kerosine can also be measured. 

Detector tube 251U has a detectable limit of 0.3 ppm (400ml) with readings going from white > pale brown + pale green (at the top). 

Detector tubes and pumps are available from all Air-Met offices Australia wide. 

  • Measuring range of 0.5 ~ 30ppm
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified 
  • Sampling time of 1.5 minutes/1 pump stroke
  • 2 years shelf life
Tube 251U Diesel Fuel Specifications
Measuring Range 0.5-12.5 ppm 1.0-30 ppm
Number of Pump Strokes 4 (400ml) 2 (200ml)
Sampling Time 1.5 minutes / 1 pump stroke
Detectable Limit 0.3 ppm (400ml
Shelf Life 2 years
Operating Temperature 0~40°C (32-104°F)
Temperature Compensation Necessary (See "TEMPERATURE CORRECTION TABLE In Specifications")
Reading Direct reading from the scale calibrated by 2 pump strokes
Colour Range White → Pale brown with pale green top
Relative Standard Deviation RSD-low:10% RSD-mid.:10% RSD-high:10%
Chemical Reaction Iodine pentoxide is reduced. CHn+I2O5+H2SO4 •nSO3→  I2
Calibration of the Tube Gas chromatography
Interference & Coexistence

Propane, isobutane, hexane, octane, gasoline or carbon monoxide will product a similar strain and will give higher readings. 
Nitrogen dioxide will give lower readings. 

Each coexistence of methane, acetone, alcohols, benzene, toluene, styrene, xylene, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide or carbon dioxide does not affect the reading.

Qty Per Box 10 detector tubes


  • Detection of diesel fuel
  • Detection of jet fuel
  • Detection ok kerosine