SF-ExplorIR Sulfuryl Fluoride Safe Entry Monitor

Designed to detect, measure and display the concentration of SO2F2 gas in the area being monitored. 


The Spectros Instruments Sulfuryl Fluoride (SO2F2) Portable Monitor (SF-ExplorIR™) is designed to detect, measure, and display the concentration of SO2F2 gas in the area being monitored. To ensure accurate gas measurements, the monitor self-zeros every 4 minutes using its internal supply of fresh air.

Front panel indicators and an audible alarm are provided to signal gas alarm and instrument fault conditions. The audible alarm can temporarily be silenced by a push of a button, but will reactivate if the gas level is still above the alarm trip point after a user-defined time period has elapsed. The SF-ExplorIR™ Monitor requires only minor periodic maintenance such as the annual replacement of internal particle filter and fresh air bag.

The monitor incorporates active diagnostics that continuously check the system for proper operation. A front panel indicator is provided to alert an operator of system malfunctions, and fault codes are generated that enable the operator to quickly identify the cause of the fault.

The SF-ExplorIR™ is available from all Air-Met offices for sale only. Contact us today for more information. 

SF-ExplorIR Features and Capabilities
  • Detects, measures, and displays the level of sulfuryl fluoride gas in the area being monitored
  • Measurement range of 0–100 ppm with a resolution of 1 ppm
  • Self contained purge-air bag, allowing the monitor to be used in a contaminated atmosphere
  • Automatically logs up to 200 gas readings that can be printed / plotted for analysis (Option)
  • Eliminates false alarms with use of non-dispersive IR source and sample draw system
  • Visual and audible gas alarm indictors that are turned ON when the detected gas level exceeds user
  • defined trip-point.
  • Extensive self diagnostics, providing both visual and audible indications when a fault occurs
  • Battery powered, providing at least 6 hours of operation
  • Optional cell phone application (ClearSite) for web based data logging and reporting
SF ExplorIR™ Specifications
Product Type
Portable sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) (Vikane™) (Profume™) (Zythor™) (Masterfume™) gas monitor
Measuring Range 0 to 100ppm sulfuryl fluoride
Warm Up Time 15 minutes (900 second clock countdown)
Operating Time 30 plus minutes before the purge-air bag needs refilling
Detector Type Infrared, Non-Dispersive (NDIR)
Sensitivity 1 ppm with ReZero
Response Time 90% of response within 5 seconds; 100% in 7 seconds
Front Panel
3 Indicator lights:
ON – Green light flashes during warm-up, and then glows steady
during normal operation
FAULT – Yellow light flashes when there is a system fault
ALARM – Red light flashes when the detected gas level reaches the
alarm level (alarm level factory set at 5 ppm)
Audible Alarm Internal audible alarm activated when a gas-alarm (5 ppm) occurs
Dimensions 203 x 483 x 127 mm
Valid Calibration Period 12 months

For full specifications, please refer to the operating manual. 

  • Monitoring of sulfuryl fluoride gas in the area being monitored.