xRapid xRfiber Automated Asbestos Fibre Counting

A Unique Automated Asbestos Fibre Counting PCM Platform Which Can Perform Analyses in Minutes


Introducing the future to asbestos fibre counting, xRfiber by xRapid Group. 

Featuring a unique automated PCM platform that can detect fibres in asbestos air samples with it's patented AI (Artificial Intelligence), xRfiber's microscope is fully automated and slides can be read at the push of a button with a complete report and photo backup are available within minutes.

 Its automated capabilities enable your business to streamline sampling with a sample only taking 1-5 minutes to complete.

The xRfiber app enables you to view the results of your samples instantly and features test logs to review previous sample tests.

What does this mean?

By removing analysts from needing to prep samples and report results, xRfiber means cost efficiency, flexibility and workflow capacity. 

This means that: 

  • Businesses have freed analysts for other work areas (PLM, mould, etc.) 
  • It is easier to increase sample workloads (instead of hiring/training new analysts, you can simply buy additional units) 
  • Made the PCM analysis field as flexible as the industry (units not running have no basic overhead cost) 
  • You require fewer analysts means overall overhead goes down 
  • xRfiber offers results as good as an analyst but with no drop in work efficiency due to: stress, fatigue, personal life; this allows for a more steady, reliable workflow

For more information on the xRapid xRfibrecontact your local Air-Met office.

xRapid's xRfiber is suitable for asbestos fibre counting.