Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments

Transacting with Air-Met Scientific is easy! All you need to do is select your preferred payment method and fill out one of the two forms.

30 Day Credit Accounts
Opening a 30 Day Credit Account with us is a great way to streamline your business accounts. It's free to apply and only takes a few minutes. Once approved, your business can then charge product purchases and services to your account

To apply for a 30 Day Credit Account, simply click the link below, fill in the application form and return via fax or email, after which an Air-Met accounts member will be in contact with you shortly.

Please note, as per Air-Met Scientific's policy, that the first transaction will be an upfront payment.

Register For A Credit Account

Payment By Credit Card
Should you not wish open a credit account with us, you can still transact with Air-Met using a credit card. To transact via a credit card, please fill in the below form.

Payment By Credit Card Form

Please read the Sales Terms and Conditions before submitting your application forms.