Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

To promote a cleaner, healthier and safer environment by supplying and supporting measuring and monitoring equipment used for identifying and controlling environmental hazards.  

At Air-Met Scientific, we firmly believe that a healthy and safe environment is of vital importance to everyone. At a global level, this environment, which we share with all other forms of life, is the only one we've got and we believe it is incumbent on the human race to be responsible custodians. At a local level, providing measuring and monitoring equipment to health, safety and environmental professionals, we believe is a worthy mission. The data obtained from this equipment is the first step in identifying and controlling environmental hazards regardless of their origin or location. 

From humble beginnings in 1984, Air-Met has always striven to be a reliable partner for our customers in helping them manage the health, safety and environmental concerns of their businesses. Hence: Work with Confidence - a motto which we feel not only confirms our approach to business partnerships but our optimism that in our own small way, we can help make the environment cleaner, healthier and safer.

Our approach to business is founded on four key elements:

RESPECT: To be good corporate citizens by caring about each other and being mindful about how our actions and inactions impact on others, the community and the environment.
INTEGRITY:  To be honest with our customers, employees and suppliers
DETERMINATION:  To offer the best possible products and support, deliver on expectations and to just strive to be the best. 
DIVERSITY:  To embrace change and celebrate our cultural variety. 

Proudly Australian owned by people who work in the business, since 1984, Air-Met has established a network of sales, service and rental offices covering Australia and Philippines and staffed by dedicated and highly trained sales and technical personnel. The equipment we offer is sourced from reputable overseas and local suppliers and we are able to offer solutions designed specifically for local conditions by our skilled engineering team:

  • Portable equipment and fixed systems for detecting toxic and combustible gases
  • Portable equipment and fixed systems for measuring harmful dusts and aerosols
  • Portable equipment for sampling airborne atmospheric contaminants (gases, vapours and dusts)
  • Equipment for measuring sound, noise dose and vibration
  • Equipment for measuring non-ionising radiation
  • Test kits for detecting surface and dermal contamination
  • Equipment for measuring water quality parameters
  • Equipment for measuring groundwater levels
  • Equipment for sampling groundwater
  • Equipment for groundwater remediation
  • Equipment for obtaining soil samples
  • Engineered telemetry and data management environmental monitoring solutions