Geotech Large Diameter Dangle Scavenger

Efficiently Recovers Hydrocarbon Products from the Surface Water.

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The Dangle Scavenger is a unique separating and pumping system designed for the efficient active recovery of free phase hydrocarbon product from the surface water. The system is portable and is electrically safe for use in hazardous locations. 
The heart of the Dangle Scavenger is a floating oil/water separator which passes recovered oil to a remote pump and control assembly. Actual separation of oil or other hydrocarbons from water is effected by a mesh screen located in the floating buoy assembly. This screen is specially treated to pass oil and repel water.
  • Efficiently separates hydrocarbons from water in-situ using an oleophilic/hydrophobic membrane
  • Intake floats on the water surface
  • Automatically adjusts as water level fluctuates
  • Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design
  • Portable self-contained design
  • For quick and easy start up, ideal for emergency response
  • Durable construction for harsh field conditions
  • Recovers hydrocarbons to a sheen
  • Salt water and aromatic hydrocarbon models available
Trenches, manholes, small bodies of water, and wells 24" (61.5 cm) in diameter or larger, with fluctuating water table levels
Product Recovery Rate Up to 4 gpm (15.4 lpm) @ 65 PSI (4.5 bar)
Operation Requirements Custom applications
Dimensions/Weight for Buoy Assembly 18.5" dia. x 10" high x 5" draft / 11 lbs.
(47.4cm x 25.6cm x 12.8 cm/ 5kg)
Power Requirements 115 / 230 VAC 50 / 60 HZ / 600 Watt
Oil/Water Separation Oleophilic/hydrophobic filter membrane
Base System
18.5" (47cm) diameter product collection buoy assembly with lid, 100 mesh cartridge for light oils, 20' (6m) of control cable and 12.5' (3.75m) of input hose, tankfull probe with 25' (8m) of cable, 20' (6m) of ¾" output hose, with grounding clip, explosion proof control panel with ¼ hp pump / motor, 115 / 230VAC 25' (8m) power cord with plug. It also includes a spare parts kit (fuses, lid spacers, Viton washer)
Spare filter membrane (mesh size 60), spare filter membrane (mesh size 100), totalizer, salt water duty system, aromatic duty system, winch assembly, and modification for deep wells. Custom cable, hose lengths available (consult Geotech for application assistance).


  • Groundwater monitoring applications
  • Hydrocarbon recovery applications
  • Well monitoring applications