ORS Shallow Well Probe Scavenger

Designed for High Rate Recovery of Free Phase Hydrocarbon Layers.

The Geotech Shallow Well Probe Scavenger™ is a portable surface mounted system designed for high rate active recovery of free phase hydrocarbon layers. Product can be reduced to a measurable layer of 2 inches (5cm). It is ideal for wells as small as 2" (5cm) in diameter where the depth to water is less than 20 feet (6m). 
The system incorporates a highly effective suction lift pump, discriminating level sensor and an explosion-proof control panel for use within hazardous environments.

For more information on the ORS Shallow Well Probe Scavenger, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Product recovery pump rates up to 4 GPM (15 LPM)
  • Sensor technology provides water-free product recovery
  • Ideal for 2 inch (5cm) or larger diameter wells
  • Effective recovery to 20 foot (6m) depth
  • Recovers product layer down to 2" (5cm) thickness
  • Comes in portable field case 24" x 24" x 24"  (61 x 61 x 61cm) 
  • Weatherproof, rugged and durable
  • Use alone or with a water table depression pump.
  • Tankfull Shutoff with 25' (7.6m) cable
Applications 2" (5 cm) or larger recovery wells
Product Recovery Up to 4 GPM (15 LPM)
Max Operating Depth 20 feet (6 m)
Power Requirements 115/230 VAC 50/60 HZ/600 Watt
Oil/Water Separation
Removes floating hydrocarbons from water using discriminating sensors


  • Groundwater monitoring applications
  • Hydrocarbon recovery applications
  • Well monitoring applications