Ion Science GasClam 2 Ground Gas Monitor

A Unique In-Borehole Gas Monitoring System Developed For Unattended Collection Of Long Term Real-Trend Ground-Gas Data. 

GasClam 2

The Ion Science GasClam 2 Ground Gas Monitor makes ground gas monitoring easy through its continuous measurement and collection of ground gas concentration data.

Using spot measurements to understand ground-gas behaviours can lead to uncertain or misleading results. Uncertainty exists as concentration changes over time and spot sampling only provides a snap shot of the ground gas at that instant.

The need for greater granularity of data was the reason for developing the patented Ion Science GasClam 2 Gas Monitor. GasClam 2 continuously measures and collects ground gas concentration data as well as parameters that are known to control it  subsurface pressure, and atmospheric pressure. In combination, this data reduces uncertainty by providing the full picture of what is happening below ground.

The GasClam 2 Gas Monitor also minimises the financial strain by reducing the number of site visits and also assists in adapting faster to legislative and policy change programs. 

For more information on the Ion Science GasClam 2, contact your local Air-Met office. 

Ion Science GasClam 2 Ground Gas Monitor features include:

  • Continuous gas (methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and VOC) monitoring with configurable logging intervals
  • Continuous atmospheric borehole pressure and monitoring with configurable logging intervals
  • Battery powered deployment for over 3 months (dependent on logging frequency)
  • External power option for extended deployments
  • Intrinsically safe for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Discrete installation

Ion Science GasClam 2 Ground Gas Monitor Specifications

Power Options:

Internal: Option of Lithium primary cells or Duracell Alkaline D-Cells or Rechargeable battery pack

External: Accepts intrinsically safe external power supply for extended and/or rapid monitoring

Typical Battery Life (hourly sampling):

Lithium primary cells

Alkaline cells

Rechargeable battery pack

3 months

1 month

3 weeks

Case: High-quality stainless steel
Weight: 7.5 kg

Overall length: 90cm (35.4 in) - Borehole tube length: 83cm (32.6 in))

Head diameter:  11cm (4.3 in) - Borehole tube diameter: 4.7cm (1.95 in)

Protection IP68 rated (continuous submersion)
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

EMC, ATEX 0105 X


Ex II 2G Ex d ib [ib] IIB T4

IECEx Ex d ib [ibb] IIB T4 Gb

CSA C (US & Candian approvals) Class 1, Zone 1

(A)Ex d ib IIB T4 (Certifification Pending: Due Jan 2019)

Ion Science GasClam 2 Ground Gas Monitor applications include:

  • Brownfield site investigation
  • Landfill perimeter monitoring and control
  • Shale and Coal Bed Methane/Seam Gas site monitoring
  • Vapour intrusion studies
  • Waste management
  • Refineries and petroleum storage monitoring
  • Monitoring fumigation gases such as methyl bromide