IsoSense Isocyanate Sampling Unit

IsoSense Spot Test Sampling Kit for Isocyanates (TDI and MDI).

The IsoSense is a portable and economical sampling device ideal for measuring vapour and aerosol levels of isocyanate compounds (MDI and TDI down to 1 PPB).
Specially designed for personal exposure evaluations, area surveys and emergency response. The IsoSense sampling unit has a digital display which displays battery life, flow rate and sample time. This smart sampling unit will constantly checking for restricted air flow, blocked airflow or over flow while automatically adjusting and maintaining the pre-set value.
The IsoSense Sampling Kit includes an IsoSense pump unit, sample head, concentration calculator, flow test kit, 20 test strips, battery charger, manual and carrying case.

For more information on the IsoSense Isocyanate Sampling Unit, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Ideal For Measuring Isocyanate Compounds
  • Typically 6 Months Shelf-life
  • Easy to Use
  • Rechargeable NIMH Battery
  • 8 Hours Operating Time per Full Charge
Flow Range  0.8-4 LPM (800-4000 cc/min)
5—800 cc/min with Universal Low Flow Holder
P.N. APB-109030
Compensation Range 4000 cc/min up to 10” water back pressure
3500 cc/min up to 20” water back pressure
3000 cc/min up to 30: water back pressure
2500 cc/min up to 35: water back pressure
2000 cc/min up to 35: water back pressure
1500 cc/min up to 25: water back pressure
1000 cc/min up to 25: water back pressure
800 cc/min up to 15: water back pressure
Accuracy 5% or less of Compensation Range back pressure
Run Time Flow Rate cc/min  37 mm 0.8u 25mm 0.8u 25mm 0,45u
2000 43 hours   9 hours   12 hours
2500 32 hours  20 hours 9 hours
3000 22 hours 14 hours  
3500 16 hours 11 hours  
Low Flow using Universal Low Flow Holder
5 to 800   24 hours    
Data Storage Last flow rate, elapsed clock time and accumulated volume is saved into memory until cleared for next sampling.
Display Back-lighted LCD with 2 lines by 16 Characters
Normal Operation Battery Level, Flow Rate, Elapsed Time, Volume Collected, Timer
Flow Fault Displays Flow Fault, or Filter Off
5 Menu Displays Adjust Flow, Clear Data, Calibration, Timer, Key Pad Lock option
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Personal exposure evaluations
  • Area surveys
  • Emergency response