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Spectros Instruments specialises in fumigation monitoring for pest control and worker safety monitors for fumigation gases. Their advanced monitoring utilises Non-Dispersed Infrared (NDIR) with multiple onboard sensors for real time feedback. These sensors allow the end-user unmatched confidence that results are correct and verifiable for both static point use or remote web based monitoring. Other solutions are incorporated where appropriate.

The benefits of Spectros fumigation monitors include:

  • Easy Set-up and Use
  • Rugged Construction to Military Specifications for Extended Life Use
  • Large Data Capacity with Seamless Transfer to Multiple Platforms (Data Stick, PC, Portable Printer, Spectros Instruments Web Portal)
  • Immunity from Common Contaminant Gases (CO2 etc.)
  • Financial Savings (Optimise Personnel and Minimal Amount of Fumigant for Good Kill)
  • Verifiable Results for Regulatory Compliance
  • Automatic Sampling of Multiple Lines
  • Remote Calibration Verification
  • Modular Components for Easy Service

Spectros Instruments’ Fumigation Monitors (Phosphine, Sulfuryl Fluoride, Methyl Bromide, Ethanedinitrile) are used in the fumigation of:

  • Food/Grains
  • Silos/Warehouses
  • Shipping Containers
  • Vessels and Barges
  • Residential and Commercial Structures
  • Export Wood Packaging ISPM15
  • Animal Feed
  • Buildings of Cultural Significance
  • Tobacco and Other Non-Food Stuff Commerce

Product Range: