The increasing concern about hydrocarbon contamination of process water and produced water has created an increasing need for in-situ, real time, and accurate low cost instrumentation that can provide rapid detection and easily usable in the field.

PetroSense sensors represent "best in breed" technology for the detection of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH). PetroSense sensors are incorporated in both a portable, field screening instrument the PHA-100 and a continuous monitoring system the CMS-4000. These sensors utilise fibre optic systems and are designed for in-situ, real time measurements of TPH and other related pollutants.

PetroSense products have been used in a variety of applications including:

  • In-situ vapour measurements in wells
  • In-situ water measurements in wells
  • Cooling Tower Monitoring
  • Water Measurements in bailed samples from wells
  • Surface Water Measurements
  • Tracking of a hydrocarbon leak in progress (Plume Migration)
  • In-situ monitor for vapor extraction systems
  • Leak detection for above ground and underground storage tanks
  • Leak detection for pipelines
  • Storm water runoff monitoring
  • Sample screening for laboratory analyses
  • Site assessment
  • Groundwater remediation

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