ChemLogic Portable X (CLPX) Isocyanate Gas Monitor

Providing Powerful Portable Gas Detection for Low Level Toxic and Corrosive Gases. 

The Next Generation ChemLogic Portable CLPX gas detector provides powerful portable gas detection to meet a wide variety of applications (Semiconductors - ERT, Polyurethane Foam - Health Surveys, Specialty Chemical - emergency response, Waste Water Treatment - odour control, etc...).  It's Improved Optics Design and Automated Optics Calibration makes the CLPX the most reliable, fool proof, user friendly gas detector on the market.
The CLPX is a versatile instrument that can be configured to detect a variety of gases, eliminating the need to purchase different instruments or different gas keys to sample different gases.  Changing the instrument from detecting one gas to another requires a simple change of the cassette. 
The CLPX employs DOD Technologies reliable ChemLogic tape technology to detect toxic gases and utilizes the most advanced electronics and analysis software to meet the needs of health and safety professionals.

For more information on the ChemLogic Portable X (CLPX) Isocyanate Gas Monitor, contact your local Air-Met office. 
Improved Optics  Design  Provides low level gas detection in seconds
Immediate Alert Indicator Bar   Immediate Indication that gas is present
Automated Calibration   Eliminates the need for optical calibration
Built in Data Logging   Micro SD card can record up to 5 years of data
Real Time Clock w/Date Stamp   Accurate recording of data
SW Selectable Calibration Curves   All gas calibrations are user selectable (no gas keys needed). System is flexible to meet your gas detection requirements
Extended Battery Life   up to 12 hours of continuous monitoring
Built in STEL Unit constantly calculates for a rolling 15 minute STEL
2 Alarm Levels   User selectable alarm levels
Purged Cassette   Insures colorimetric media will not be contaminated by ambient gas
Detection Principal   ChemLogic Technology
Display   Back Lit LCD with graphic stain development
Operating Voltage   6VDC Battery or charge/line powered 100-240VAC 50/60hz
Operating Temperature 40 to 95°F (4 to 35°C)
Humidity  15 to 85 % (non condensing)
Dimensions   H-8.6"(219mm) W-4.1"(105mm) L- 11.3" (287mm)
Weight  5.5 lbs. (2.5 Kg)
Data Logging   2GB Micro SD Card
  • Workplace health and safety