PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester 8040 & 8048

A Respirator Fit Tester Featuring Intelligent Touchscreen Solutions for Effective Respirator Fitting 


The PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester 8040 and 8048 delivers safety compliance by utilising the most effective quantitative fit testing method available to identify poor fitting masks. The PortaCount Fit Tester assist in productivity by streamlining the process and making fitting more effective and efficient.

The instrument provides real-time measurements to allow you to quickly find the correct size mask and provides staff a greater understanding of how and when their respirator best protects them. Staff can easily analyse the effectiveness of the mask with animated guides, quantifying results, and automating documentation.

For more information on the PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester, contact your local Air-Met office. 

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Features and Benefits:

  • Fit test ANY tight-fitting full-face, half-face, N99-N100 and N95 (in model 8048)
  • Real-time measurements
  • Animated guides for staff
  • Quantifying results, automating documentation
  • Measures fit factors greater than 10,000
  • Switch between different respirator types in under a minute
  • Automates fit testing with FitPro+™ Fit Test Software

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Specifications:

TSI PortacCount Fit Tester 8040 Specifications
Fit Factor Range   1 to greater than 10,000
Typical Fit Factor Accuracy   ±10% of reading
Respirator Facepieces that can be Fit Tested  
Full-face elastomeric
Half-face elastomeric
NIOSH series-100 filtering-facepiece
NIOSH series-99 filtering-facepiece
Series FFP3 disposable respirators
Fit Factor Measurement   Direct measurement of fit factor (Cout/Cin)*
Dimensions    4.83 in. x 10.5 in. x 9.46 in. (12 cm x 27 cm x 24 cm)

Unit Only:
With Standard Accessories & Case

2.7 kg
6.5 kg

Power   Autosensing 100 to 250 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Flow Rate


350 cm3/min
1000 cm3/min (nominal)

Temperature Range


0 to 38°C
-40 to 50°C

Working Fluid

99.5% reagent grade isopropanol:
Run time per charge: 

6 hr of fit testing operation at 21°C

Carrying Case Dimensions (HWD) 10.0 in. x 20.5 in. x 15.5 in.
(25.4 cm x 52.1 cm x 39.4 cm)
Pass/Fail Setting User-selectable: 0 to 10,000


PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Applications Include:

  • Quantitative respirator fit testing (QNFT)
  • Half-mask fit testing
  • Full-face fit testing
  • Disposable filtering-facepiece fit testing for Series 100/99/95/P1/P2/P3 masks
  • SCBA fit testing
  • Gas mask fit testing
  • PAPR fit testing