AMB-8059 Multi-Band Area Radiation Monitor

Continuous, Remote Monitoring and Logging of Electromagnetic Fields. 

Narda Multi-Band Area Monitors are constantly in use in areas where electromagnetic radiation levels need to be continuously assessed by means of long-term observation. The wideband Area Monitor AMB-8059 combines the latest technology with traditional reliability: There are more than 3,500 stations in use worldwide.
Narda offers a wide range of different isotropic probes. These include quad-band probes for separating mobile telephone services as well as wideband measurement from 100 kHz to 7 GHz. Special probes are available for low frequency magnetic or electric fields from 10 Hz to 5 kHz. This means that emissions from high tension cables and transformer stations can be recorded. Further, it is possible to combine up to two probes, e.g. an electric and a magnetic field probe in a so-called “dual probe configuration”.
The use of an internal modem for communications ensures compatibility with every data service throughout the world.
Narda EMF Monitors bring together all the qualities required for reliable, continuous assessment of electromagnetic fields: Autonomy, outdoor capability, mobility, robustness, and low running costs. 

For more information on the AMB-8059 Multi-Band Area Radiation Monitor, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • ITU-T K.83 compliant
  • Electric field monitoring
  • Magnetic field monitoring
  • Simultaneous monitoring of electric and magnetic fields
  • Low frequency / high frequency probes
  • Internal modem for wireless communications
  • USB / Ethernet data communications
  • SD memory card
  • Temperature / humidity sensor
  • GPS sensor
  • PC software with alarm functions
  • Independent power supply from solar cells
AMB-8059 Multi-band EMF Area Monitor
General Specifications
GSM Module Quad-band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) GPRS (3)
Field Probes Interchangeable, several models available, single and dual probe operation
Interfaces RS232, USB, Ethernet, Micro SD Card; GSM/GPRS modem (3)
Protection Microswitch to notify case opening
Other Alarms Protective case opening, internal overheat, internal humidity, low battery, battery overload (model AMB-8059/01 and AMB-8059/03 only), probe malfunction, field over limit.
Internal Battery AMB-8059/00 - AMB-8059/02: Non rechargeable primary battery, lithium SAFT LSH20, 3,6 V, 13 A/h AMB-8059/01 - AMB-8059/03: Lead, 4V, 2,5 A/h, rechargeable
Consumption 1 mA with GSM module off
20 mA with GSM module in stand-by state (3)
300 mA max with GSM module transmitting (3)
External power DC, 5 V, 1 A max (AMB-8059/01 and AMB-8059/03 only)
Operating time AMB-8059/02: about 8 months @ 1min GSM module transmission per day and single probe operating mode (autonomy depends on probe and setting) (4), (5)
AMB-8059/03: > 80 days in total darkness @ 1min GSM module transmission per day and single probe operating mode (autonomy depends on probe and setting) (4), (5)
Recharging Time 24 hours with external power unit (AMB-8059/01 and AMB-8059/03 only)
Auto Test Automatic
Compliance European directives 89/336 and 73/23, CEI 211-6, CEI 211-7, ITU-T K.83
Ambient Temperature -20 °C / +55 °C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 112 x 112 x 730 mm
Weight AMB-8059/00 and AMB-8059/02: 1,2 kg (unit only); 6,5 kg (total weight including supports and base)
AMB-8059/01 and AMB-8059/03: 2,4 kg (unit only); 7,7 kg (total weight including supports and base)
Environmental Protection IP55
Country of Origin Italy

(1): To the controller PC or to the user’s FTP server depending on the preferred communication mode.
(2): Directly from the station or from the user’s FTP server depending on the preferred communication mode.
(3): AMB-8059/02 and AMB-8059/03 only are equipped with GSM/GPRS modem.
(4):, AMB-8059/00 and AMB-8059/01 power autonomy is longer as they are not equipped with GSM/GPRS modem module.
(5): Specifications depending on battery age, ambient temperature and GSM field coverage.

  • Remote monitoring and logging of electric (E) or magnetic (H) fields generated by low and high frequency sources such as radio / TV, GSM, UMTS, transformer stations, power lines