ORS Filter Bucket

Independently Floating Passive Hydrocarbon Recovery Skimmer. 

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The Geotech Filter Bucket is an independently floating passive oil-water separator that is equipped with a visual alarm to indicate when the bucket is full of product.
The heart of the system is a floating cartridge that recovers product for storage in an integral 2-liter reservoir. Actual separation of product from water is carried out by a mesh screen located in the cartridge. This screen is specially treated to pass oil and repel water. The screen is therefore termed oleophilic/hydrophobic (oil loving /water hating).
The Geotech Filter Bucket comes with a standard 100 mesh intake screen. A 60 mesh intake screen is also available for use with higher viscosity fluids. See Geotech Manual “Hydrocarbon Viscosity Test Kit” for more information on choosing the correct Filter Bucket and intake cartridge.
  • Equipped with visual alarm
  • 2 litre reservoir
  • Body and hoses made of polyethylene
  • Check valves made of nylon
Height 41 cm
Diameter 25 cm
Weight 3.2 kg
Capacity 2 litres
Body Polyethylene 
Hose Polyethylene 
Check Valve PTFE
Cartridge 100 mesh oleophilic/hydrophobic (blue) 
60 mesh oleophilic/hydrophobic (green)


  • Groundwater monitoring applications
  • Separation of product from water