Plume Eater Remediation System

A Patented In Situ Remediation System.

The Geotech Plume Eater® is a patented in-situ remediation system. Unlike other commercially marketed in-well air strippers or circulation type systems, the Plume Eater's process is unique. 
When pulling in contaminated groundwater, it strips away the VOC's while oxygenating the treated water before it is re-introduced deep into the formation. This process creates a convection flow whereby groundwater is pulled toward the recovery well rather than pushed away, as compared to other similar types of systems and processes.

For more information on the Plume Eater Remediation System, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Soils are flushed with oxygenated ground water
  • Pulls from the groundwater surface and re-injects, oxygenated water deep in the formation, creating convection currents
  • Accelerates bio-remediation
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal power
  • No sub-surface moving parts
  • Works in a variety of soil types
  • No net change in groundwater volume
  • Options available for use with other gases
  • In Situ Technology – No re-injection permits or water treatment extraction required, water never leaves the subsurface.
  • Available in 2” (5cm) and 4” (10cm) models
 2" Plume Eater® 4" Plume Eater®
Air Requirements 5-35 PSIG (.34-2.4 bar) 5-35 PSIG (.34-2.4 bar)
Air Requirements (SCFM) 1-5  1-5 
Min. Required Submergence 8 feet (2.4 m)  8 feet (2.4 m) 
Max. Outer Housing Depth 35 feet (10.7 m)  50 feet (15.2 m)
Outer Housing Flexible, spiral wound, Schedule 40 PVC
Air Line Reinforced, chemical resistant gas hose
Packer Inflation Line Reinforced, chemical resistant gas hose
Treated Water Return Line  2" (5 cm) model – Reinforced, chemical resistant gas hose
4" (10 cm) model – Flexible, spiral wound, Schedule 40 PVC
Packer #300 stainless steel, Viton®
Well Cap PVC, rubber, brass and stainless steel fittings
Safety Cable PTFE coated stainless steel
Diffuser (Optional) Porous stainless steel
Bag Filter Assembly (Optional) Stainless steel, PVC, Nylon


  • Groundwater monitoring