Environmental Control Module (ECM) Remediation System Control Panel

Specially Designed Microprocessor for the Operation of a Wide Variety of Industrial Equipment. 

The GECM (Geotech Environmental Control Module) is a specially designed microprocessor based industrial control panel for operation of a wide variety of industrial equipment including Geotech remediation pumps and blowers. TheGECM will accommodate many different combinations of equipment from one control panel.
The GECM has been designed specifically for ease of use and installation. A basic panel is capable of controlling up to 8 devices from 24 I.S. probe inputs. Devices can vary from small signal relays to 75 hp motor starters. A system can be easily expanded to accommodate up to 32 additional outputs and 96 additional I.S. probe inputs.

For more information on the Environmental Control Module (ECM) Remediation System Control Panel, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • All components are housed in an easy-to-install weather proof NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure.
  • A bright 16 x 2 character vacuum fluorescent display shows users exactly what is happening with each individual component within the system.
  • Probe float position and output device on/off status can easily be viewed on the display day or night.
  • A four button key pad is used to change menu and status display.
  • Large Hand/Off/Auto switch controls for direct control over individual system devices.
  • Incorporated circuitry for wiring extensions into locations classified as hazardous.
Electrical 10 Watts 115V AC or 230V AC input power
Environmental Conditions 0° to 104°F (-17.8° to 40°C)
Main Enclosure NEMA 4X (IP66)
Enclosure Material Fibreglass
External Height 18" (46 cm)
External Width 16" (41 cm)
External Depth 10" (25 cm)
15 to 45 lbs. (16.8 to 20.4 kg) 
depending on installed options


  • Groundwater monitoring