Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI), Disposable, Respirable, Plastic, 2 L/min

Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI), plastic, single-use disposable, four-stage, for respirable sampling at 2 L/min.


Parallel Particle Impactor (PPI), plastic, single-use disposable, four-stage, for respirable sampling at 2 L/min. The PPI provides the closest match to the entire ACGIH/CEN/ISO respirable curve, compared to any other sampler available. Pre-assembled with four porous plastic disc impaction substrates. Requires a 37-mm filter and support purchased separately, ea

For more information on the Parallel Particle Impactor, contact your local Air-Met office. 

  • Collection efficiency precisely matches ISO/CEN 7708:1995 size-selection criteria
    • Respirable PPI Samplers meet specifications in the 2013 OSHA NPRM for silica
  • Single use means no cleaning or two-way shipping costs! 
  • Selection of flow rates available to meet specific applications
    • 8 L/min respirable PPI: Enhances sensitivity (for short-term and/or low concentration sampling) using high flow pumps; ideal for proposed lower OSHA PEL for silica
    • 4 L/min respirable PPI: Enhances sensitivity and can be used with personal pumps
    • 2 L/min respirable PPI: Standard TWA sampling
    • 2 L/min thoracic PPI: Metalworking fluids (NIOSH Method 5524) and thoracic TLV-TWA compounds such as sulfuric acid and cotton dust
  • Patented disposable PPIs are available pre-assembled with:
    • Filter and pre-oiled substrates for chemical analysis
    • Pre-oiled substrates only – add your own weighed filter for gravimetric analysis 
  • Reusable aluminum PPIs are available
  • Performance published in Journal of Physics and submitted to OSHA docket on silica
Sampling Rate 2 L/min respirable or thoracic, 4 L/min respirable, or 8 L/min respirable
Sample Pump Universal or AirChek for 2 and 4 L/min, Leland Legacy for 8 L/min
Sample Time Dependent on method used
Sample Media 37-mm, 5.0-µm PVC filter or 37-mm, 2.0-µm PTFE filter (NIOSH 5524) or 37-mm, 0.8-µm MCE filter
Back pressure on PTFE filters can vary within the same lot.
Tubing 1/4-inch ID
Impaction Substrate Four 3/8-in diameter pre-oiled porous plastic discs (preloaded in all Disposable PPIs)
Analysis Gravimetric or chemical
Dimensions Height: (clip to exhaust): 4.25 in (10.8 cm) 
Diameter: 1.8 in (4.6 cm) 
Depth: 1.2 in (3.0 cm)
Weight Disposable: 1.1 oz (31.2 gm)
Shelf-life One year from date of manufacture
  • Respirable sampling