EHP-50F Electric and Magnetic Field Analyser

Isotropic Analysis of Electric and Magnetic Fields

Frequency selective FFT measuring system with high dynamic range for electric and magnetic fields from 1 Hz to 400 kHz. Sensors in all three spatial directions deliver isotropic results for selective and wideband measurements.
Uses the Weighted Peak method for standard-compliant measurement of complex signals. This method, patented by Narda, evaluates the signal by means of mathematical convolution in the time domain. The result is the direct display of the exposure as a percentage of the limit value. This makes the application particularly quick and easy to use. 
Weighted Peak is the basis of the limit value curves of the most important standards.

For more information on the EHP-50F Electric and Magnetic Field Analyser, contact your local Air-Met office. 
  • Conforms to EMF Directive 2013/25/EU
  • Weighted Peak method for capturing complex signal shapes
  • FFT spectrum analysis for E-field and H-field in one device
  • High measurement sensitivity and large dynamic range
  • Optical interface for connection to PC or NBM-550 display unit
  • Data logger for standalone operation
  • Long battery operating times, yet compact and light
Tripod Support Threaded insert UNC ¼”
Internal Battery Li-ion, rechargeable, 3.7 V 5.4 Ah
Operating Time > 9 hours
24 hours in stand-alone mode
Recharging Time < 6 hours
External Supply 10 to 15 VDC, 500 mA (barrel connector 3.5/1.35 mm positive pole inside)
Weight 550 g (without tripod)
Temperature Operation -20°C to +55° C
  Storage -30°C to +75° C
  Charging 0°C to +40° C
Humidity (operation) 0 to 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions 110 mm x 98 mm x 95 mm (without tripod)
  • Production Area
  • General Environment
  • MC Test House
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial facilities