CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal

A Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal Designed to Fit in all Forms of Enclosures.

CUBE is the new noise monitoring terminal from 01dB, at the cutting edge of innovation. Designed to meet the needs of all kinds of applications, CUBE can be adapted to suit every situation: portable in a carrying case, stationary in a fixed unit, and compatible with 01dB WebMonitoring services. 
It stays connected around the clock, operating continuously and responding simultaneously to your requirements: acoustic and meteorological measurements, automatic publication of data, communication of alarms, as well as parameter configuration changes, real-time display or listening option, etc.
With an IEC 61672 class 1 certification, CUBE guarantees flawless metrological quality in every situation. In addition, to provide you with information about the measurements, CUBE incorporates the most sophisticated event-detection filter system. As a result, various actions are triggered automatically, including coding, signal recording, notification by text messaging, and start-up of warning lights.
CUBE is part of a unique "ecosystem" focused on improving your productivity. You will appreciate its simplicity of use, its degree of remote controllability and the power of its processing software. By combining CUBE with 01dB WebMonitoring services, measurements can be accessed via a customized Web interface. CUBE is the ultimate noise monitoring terminal.

For more information on the CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal, contact your local Air-Met office. 

CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal Features Include:

  • Built in Wi-Fi, 3G modem and GPS Antenna
  • DMK01 Outdoor Microphone Unit
  • All Weather G.R.A.S. 40CD Microphone
  • Raw Signal Recording (Metrological WAV or Compressed MP3)
  • Multi-Point Synchronized Encoding
  • 24-Hour Back Up Battery 
  • Text message notifications of acoustic events
  • Text message notifications in the event of operation problems
  • Acoustic and meteorological measurements
  • Structured storage of information
  • Automatic transmission of data to one or two remote servers
  • Changes to parameter configuration via a Web interface from your computer or smartphone 
  • Real-time listening to the measured noise
  • Real-time display of data
  • Text message sent upon low internal battery 
  • Communication of alarms to 01dB WebMonitoring services, etc.
  • IEC 61672 Class 1 Certification

CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal Specifications Include:

Technical Characteristics
IEC Class  
IEC 61672-1 (2002-2005) (0° and 90° reference direction)
IEC 61620 (1995) NF EN 61260/A1 (2002)
LinearityRange Domain  


With 40CD microphone
Upper limit (LAF, LAS / LAI): 
Upper limit (LBF, LBS / LBI):
Upper limit (LCF, LCS / LCI): 
Upper limit (LZF, LZS / LZI):  
138 dB
138 dB
138 dB
138 dB
Lower limit (LAF, LAS / LAI): 
Lower limit (LBF, LBS / LBI): 
Lower limit (LCF, LCS / LCI): 
Lower limit (LZF, LZS / LZI): 
21 dB
21 dB
26 dB
31 dB
Peak Dynamic Range   60-140 dBC, 1 range
Time Weighting   Slow, Fast, Impulse, Peak
Weighting Filters  
X=A, B, C, Z; Y=S, F, I for LXeq and LXY
A for LXYTd
C, Z, for Lpk
Measurement and Storage of All Indicators
Instant Weather Values Stored  
Wind speed [m/s]
Wind direction [°]
Rain intensity [mm/h]
Atmospheric pressure [hPa]
Air temperature [°C]
Relative humidity [%RH]
Acoustic Logging Interval T  
Min. 20 msec - max. 3,600 s, 5 msec steps
Fast logging interval: min. 20 msec - max. standard logging interval or 60 sec if standard logging interval is more than 60 sec, 5 msec steps
Fast logging interval applicable only during coding
The fast logging interval is a sub-multiple of the primary logging interval
Weather Logging Interval   The logging interval for weather values is a multiple of the acoustic logging interval and cannot be less than 1 second.
Spectra Analysis   1/1 (8 Hz – 16 kHz) and 1/3 (6.3 Hz – 20 kHz)
7 Ln selectable from L1 to L99 by steps of 1 dB
Rate: T if Leq or 20 msec if Lp, programmable values, classes of 0.1 dB
Back Erase   0, 5s, 10s applicable in SLM mode
High Pass Fulter   0.3 Hz / 10 Hz
Reference Directions   0° and 90°, built-in correction on external input (with a DMK01 external microphone)
Reference Point for Microphone   Centre of the protection grid (with or without nose cone)
Reference Level   94 dB
Starting Point for Linearity Tests   Reference level, i.e. 94 dB
Storage Modes   LOG mode: data-logging sound level meter mode with storage of time histories.
Signals Recording
Decimation: 2/4/8
Pre-trigger = 10 sec at Fs = 51,200 Hz
LEMO connector output
Audio Trigger Simultaneous with codes or manual (by the instrument and the web interface)
Events (Automatic Coding)
5 user-definable events: codes 6 to 10
24 user-definable time periods
Immediate, delayed, periodic
Periodic audio
Keys 4 silent keys: on/stand-by/off key and 3 multi-function keys
Status Indicators
LED red (overload)
LED blue (Wi-Fi connection)
LED green (power on, measurement in progress, charge)
High contrast colour screen 38*50mm resolution 320*240 pixels
3 sets of colours (day, contrast, night)
Analgue Output
Audio output A, B, C or Z (+/-10Vpp R=200Ohms)
Adjustable gain: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 dB
Type lithium polymer
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 6750 mAh
Non removable, charging time approximately 3 hours
Typical Power Consumption
Without communication: < 800 mW
+ Wi-Fi : < 1,600 mW
+ Modem : < 3,500 mW
Operating Lifetime
(for temperatures ranging from 10°C to 50°C, in LOG mode with IT = 1 s, fine IT 100 ms, 1/3 octave and audio recording on threshold during 10% of the measurement time)
20 hours with Wi-Fi connection (during 10% of measurement time)
15 hours with active 3G connection (during 10% of measurement time)
Weight and Dimensions
730 g, H x L x D: 220 x 70 x 52 mm


CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal Applications Include: