01dB Noise Inspector Acoustic Camera Solutions

Air-Met introduces the Noise Inspector, a powerful and flexible acoustic camera solution for accurate and fast sound source localisation.


The Noise Inspector offers an accurate, fast and smart technology for sound source localisation. With great ease of system setting up, sound and vibration emissions becomes quickly visible in real-time. The software is easy to use for non-specialists and offers great functionality for professionals. The results are acoustic images or movies, easy to interpret for everybody, and easy to communicate.

It can be adapted to your needs due its flexibility in array design, number of microphones and state of the art algorithms. With one single system including a rich variety of arrays, the smooth transition between beamforming, holography and sound intensity measurements is possible, enabling to analyse a broad band of objects.

Noise Inspector is the perfect mobile tool to help you determine dominant sound sources in the Environment, improve your product quality, minimise development time and to save your resources. The system guarantees precise and uncomplicated determination of acoustic sources, also convinces through its really low costs.

For more information on the 01dB Noise Inspector Acoustic Camera Solutions, contact your local Air-Met office. 

01dB Acoustic Camera Features Include:

  • Innovative arrays
  • 24 bit synchronous sampling
  • Channels: 8 to 1000
  • High resolution results
  • High resolution optical camera
  • Battery operation
  • Trigger and RPM channel
  • Light weight
  • Small packaging dimensions
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Real-time sound imaging for quick results
  • Post processing for high accuracy results
  • Powerful HD algorithms
  • AVI, WAV and result expor
  • Localisation from 40 Hz up to 20kHz depending on the configuration
  • Dynamic range more than 40 dB possible
  • Acoustic weightings filters
  • LabVIEW- and Matlab interface
  • Batch or manual processing
  • Unique real 3D beamforming
  • Intuitive and easy to use


01dB Acoustic Camera Specifications Include:

All Acoustic Camera packages contain:
  • One Digital Real-Time I²S Front-end
  • One Noise Inspector Software Main Package (only Beamforming, only 2D) with dongle
  • One antenna with microphones
Please see datasheet for detailed specifications

01dB Acoustic Camera Applications Include:

  • Environmental acoustics
  • Building acoustics
  • Noise Leakage detection
  • NVH
  • Squeak and rattle
  • Transient noise sources
  • Stationary noise sources
  • Handheld tools noise analysis
  • IT equipment noise analysis
  • Aero acoustic noise analysis (including aero acoustic in wind tunnels)
  • Fan noise analysis