Hydrogen Bromide

Hydrogen Bromide Characteristics
Synonyms Anhydrous hydrobromic acid
CAS No. 10035-10-6
Chemical formula HBr
Vapour density 2.8 (air = 1)
Safe Work Australia ES TWA 3 ppm peak limitation
STEL ---
Flammable limits LEL ---
UEL ---
Chemical/physical properties Hydrogen bromide is a colourless, corrosive, non-flammable gas at room temperature with an acrid odour not usually detectable by smell below about 2 ppm.
Hazardous properties Hydrogen bromide readily dissolves in the water of the mucous membrane and conjunctiva to form hydrobromic acid and as such is highly irritating to the eyes and upper respiratory tract if inhaled.
Occurrence/Uses Hydrogen bromide is used in the synthesis of organic chemicals, for dissolving certain ores (metal extraction), in the manufacture of bromides and as an alkylation (synthesis of high molecular weight hydrocarbons from lower molecular weight hydrocarbons) catalyst.
Detectors available Electrochemical (0 – 15 ppm)
Colorimetric paper tape (0 – 20 ppm)
Suggested alarm levels Lo: 1 ppm
Hi: 3 ppm


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