Butane Characteristics
Synonyms n-Butane, Methylethylmethane
CAS No. 106-97-8
Chemical formula C4H10
Vapour density 2.05 (air = 1)
Safe Work Australia ES TWA 800 ppm
Flammable limits LEL 1.4 % by volume
UEL 9.3 % by volume
Equipment group IIA
Temperature classification T2
Chemical/physical properties Butane is a colourless gas with a slight odour, reportedly not detectable by smell below 50,000 ppm. It is highly flammable.
Hazardous properties It is not considered to be toxic but can cause drowsiness at concentrations of around 10,000 ppm.
Occurrence/Uses Butane is a major constituent of LPG and is also found in natural gas.
Detectors available Catalytic bead (0 – 100% LEL)
Gas detector tube (0.05 – 0.6% by volume)
Suggested alarm levels Lo: 5 % LEL (700 ppm)
Hi: 10 % LEL (1,400 ppm)


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