Soil Augers

For Obtaining Disturbed Soil Samples. 


The AMS regular soil auger is commonly used for obtaining disturbed soil samples at or near the surface and for boring to depths where soil samples may be obtained with a separate soil sampler or soil core sampler. The bits of the regular soil auger are open to allow entry of small soil clumps and relatively small rocks and particles.

Please make sure any AMS samplers you intend to use together share a common connection type.

For more information on the Soil Augers, contact your local Air-Met office. 

  • For obtaining disturbed soil samples
  • Most models available
  • Threaded or quick connect connection
  • Available in stainless steel for EPA testing or carbon steel bit with stainless steel cylinders for general soil sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil boring 
  • Environmental applications