Water Quality Meter Model WQC-24

Compact, High Performance and Robust Multiparameter Meter Capable of Simultaneously Measuring up to 11 Parameters. 

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The Model WQC-24 is the latest development in DKK-TOA’s range of multi-parameter water quality meters. The very latest technologies combined with more than 50 years’ experience have resulted in a compact, high performance and robust water quality monitoring system
The 45mm outer diameter sensor probe can provide measurement of up to 11 parameters simultaneously out of a total of 17 available parameters. The instrument also features an interface port for connection to a Global Positioning System (GPS), Local Area Network (LAN) printer or other communication peripherals.
  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 11 items
    pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, temp., salinity, total dissolved solid, specific gravity of sea water, water depth, ORP, chlorophyll, Ions(F-, Cl-, NO3-, Ca2+, K+, NH4+)
  • Continuous measurement at depth of 100m 
  • Diameter of standard sensor module is 45mm
  • Up to 1 month data storage
  • GPS Interface
  • Lakes
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Rivers
  • Wells, Underground Water
  • Fish Farming
  • Dams