UMEx 100 Passive Sampler for Formaldehyde

Designed for Easy Sampling of Formaldehyde.

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The UMEx 100 Passive Sampler for formaldehyde was developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Working Life in Umea, Sweden. Constructed of tough polypropylene, the single-use UMEx 100 contains a tape treated with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) for reliable collection of formaldehyde. Samplers are provided in individual aluminized pouches that can be used to transport the sampler to a laboratory after sampling. 
For convenience and quality control assurance against contamination, each sampler incorporates a "blank/correction" section in addition to the active sampling section so there is no need to send extra samplers to the laboratory. The shelf-life date is printed on a label on the outside of each pouch for easy inventory management. 
The UMEx 100 Sampler includes a clip for attachment to a worker’s collar for personal sampling or in an appropriate location for area sampling.
Accurate and reliable for formaldehyde collection
Sample integrity is assured
Accuracy exceeds OSHA standards
Uses popular 2,4-DNPH chemistry
Validated by OSHA and Swedish Institute
Economical and easy to use
No pump or training required
Low-cost sampler
Sample medium and blank/correction in one unit
Documented uptake rates
For 15-minute to 24-hour samples
For 7-day samples
Conforms to EU ISO 16000-4-2004
Meets specifications of OSHA Method 1007‡
Referenced in EPA IP-6C
Highly sensitive and specific analysis method
Small and unobtrusive
Simple-to-use "on/off" sliding cover
No glass or chemical liquids in the sampler
Samples ppb levels of formaldehyde 
28.6 ml/min uptake rate enhances sensitivity for 15-minute, 8-hour, and 24-hour sampling
Versatile sampler
Workplace sampling from 15 minutes to 12 hours
Long-term indoor air sampling with validated rates for 24-hours and 7-day samples
‡ If sampling in an atmosphere containing formalin, see Sampling Formaldehyde from Formalin Using Passive Samplers (PDF) for field study information.
Sampling Rate for Formaldehyde
28.6 ml/min with a RSD of 7.6% at wind velocity of 5 to 100 cm/sec for 15 minutes to 24 hours
20.4 ml/min at wind velocities < 5 cm/sec for 1 to 7 days
See the More Information tab for UMEx 100 sampling rates for other aldehydes.
Detection Principle Formation of stable DNPH-hydrazone in the presence of formaldehyde
Validation Range 0.06 to 3.0 ppm
Lower Detection Limits
15 min: 200 ppb (0.24 mg/m3)
8 hrs: 5 ppb (0.006 mg/m3)
24 hrs: 2 ppb (0.002 mg/m3)
7 days: 0.2 ppb (0.0002 mg/m3)
Shelf-life 12-mos from date of manufacture at < 39.2°F ([4°C])
Capacity 29 µg/sample
Analysis Solvent extraction and analysis by HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) with UV detection
Accuracy ± 25%, exceeds OSHA requirements
Before use: < 39.2°F ([4°C])
After use: < 39.2°F ([4°C]) and analyze within 3 weeks
Do not store with food.
Temperature Effects No effect on sampling rate between 10 and 30°C
Humidity Effects
No effect from 10 to 80% relative humidity (RH)
Do not use sampler below 10% RH.
Wind Effects No effect from 5 to 100 cm/sec
Large amounts of carbonyl compounds may reduce the uptake of formaldehyde.
Use in ozone levels < 0.5 ppm.
Dimensions 3.4 x 1.1 x .35 in (8.6 x 2.8 x .89 cm)
Weight 0.38 oz (10.8 gm)


  • Formaldehyde sampling/collection
  • For personal or area air sampling
  • Indoor air sampling
  • Workplace environmental sampling