Personal Formaldehyde Passive Sampler

For 15-minute STEL or 8-hour PEL Measurements.

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The Personal Formaldehyde Passive Sampler is designed to accurately measure personal exposures to formaldehyde. With accuracies of at least ± 25%, these devices can be used for OSHA compliance monitoring for either eight-hour PELs or 15-minute STELs. The measuring range of the eight-hour PEL sampler is 0.2 to 2 ppm and the range of the STEL sampler is 0.5 to 6 ppm.
The passive sampler works on a simple yet accurate process. A permeable plastic membrane allows for controlled diffusion of air onto a chemically impregnated paper; no liquid reagents are necessary for sampling. Formaldehyde combines with the reactive media (sodium hydrogen sulphite) on the paper and forms the stable compound formaldehyde bisulfite. The sampler is then sent to an accredited laboratory for chromotropic acid analysis. See link above for analysis instructions.
The Personal Formaldehyde Passive Sampler is available in two configurations: the PEL Sampler collects formaldehyde at a low rate suitable for full-shift (eight hours) sampling; the STEL sampler collects formaldehyde at a higher rate suitable for 15-minute sampling. The difference between the PEL and STEL models is the size of the membrane; the STEL is 2.7 times larger.
Measuring formaldehyde exposure levels could not be any easier. Simply remove the protective START sticker to expose the membrane and begin sampling. When sampling is complete, seal the sampler with the replacement STOP sticker. Start and stop times, date, and sample ID can also be indicated directly on the sampler. The sampler is small and virtually weightless.
These formaldehyde samplers have been extensively validated to ensure accuracy. There are no known interferences from other substances. Formaldehyde may be accurately measured in the presence of other substances such as phenol, aldehydes, and aromatic hydrocarbons. The shelf-life of an unopened sampler is one year.
  • Accurately measure personal workplace exposures
    • 8-hour PEL: 0.2 to 2 ppm 
    • 15-minute STEL: 0.5 to 6 ppm 
  • Easy to use — no technical training required 
  • Small and lightweight — weigh less than one ounce 
  • No known interferences from other substances 
  • Suitable for office or industrial sampling 
  • Proven performance — over 500,000 used 
  • Meet OSHA accuracy requirements
  • Based on chromotropic acid chemistry
Detection Range 
PEL: 0.2 to 2 ppm
STEL: 0.5 to 6 ppm*
Exposure Time
PEL: 8 hr
STEL: 15 min
PEL: 6.1%
STEL: 6.3%
Mean Bias  Less than 1%
Temperature Range  15° to 26°C (59° to 78.8°F) 
Humidity Range 20 to 80% (at 21° to 24°C) 
Minimum Air Flow Across Surface of Sampler 
20 cm/sec
Interferences  None known
Shelf-life 1 year
Note: If sampling in an atmosphere containing formalin, see Sampling Formaldehyde from Formalin Using Passive Samplers for field study information.
* SKC STEL samplers are designed to measure the formaldehyde STEL in the U.S. of 2 ppm. These samplers do not have the sensitivity required to detect the ACGIH® TLV® Ceiling value of 0.3 ppm with a 15-minute sample. 


  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Construction 
  • Industrial
  • Workplace health and safety