Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler

Specifically Designed for Accurate Indoor Air Sampling Measurements of Low Formaldehyde Levels.

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The Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler accurately measures low formaldehyde levels in homes, offices, or industrial environments over a 5 to 7-day period. The sampler has a detection limit of 0.01 ppm (± 30%) or 0.02 ppm (± 15%).
The Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler is the only device specifically designed for accurate indoor measurements of low formaldehyde levels in the home, office, or industrial environment over a 5 to 7-day period. The sampler is inexpensive, accurate, and field validated by the Indoor Air Quality Program, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories at the University of California, Berkeley. The sampler is the first of its kind requiring no special equipment or trained personnel for sampling.
The sampler is based on a simple yet accurate process. Inside the vial is a disc of chemically impregnated paper. No liquid reagents are necessary for sampling. Formaldehyde combines with the reactive media on the disc (sodium hydrogen sulphite) and forms the stable compound sodium formaldehyde bisulfide. The sampler is then sent to an AIHA-accredited laboratory for chromotropic acid assay (CTA) analysis.
There are no known interferences to the sampler. Formaldehyde may be accurately measured in the presence of other substances such as phenol, aldehydes, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Shelf-life of an unopened sampler is one year.
Analysis utilises NIOSH Method 3500. See Analysis Instructions Using the Chromotropic Acid Assay Method (PDF).
  • Inexpensive
  • Small and unobtrusive — less than 4 inches (10 cm) long
  • Attached ribbon allows for hanging in test area
  • Convenient — no pumps or calibration needed
  • Easy to use — no technical training required
  • Accurately measures low formaldehyde levels
  • No known interferences from other substances
  • Designed for long-term measurement — 5 to 7 days
  • Suitable for testing indoor air in home, office, or industrial environment
  • Detection limit: 0.01 ppm (± 30%), 0.02 ppm (± 15%)
Sampling Time
5 to 7 days
Detection Limit
0.01 ppm ± 30%
0.02 ± 15%
Interferences None known
Shelf Life 1 year
Size 3.8 inches (9.7 cm) long
Accuracy 0.025 to 1.0 ppm ± 15%


Measurements of low formaldehyde levels in:
  • Homes
  • Office
  • Industrial environment