FluoroFilm FEP Sample Bags

FluoroFilm FEP Bags Are For Low-Level Sampling With Analysis In < 1 Day.

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FluoroFilm FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) is the most chemically inert of all bag materials. It has a very low VOC and sulphur background, and is made from mechanically strong 2-mil FEP, which resists impact and tearing.

The FluoroFilm bag has good stability for up to 24 hours for some VOCs and low molecular weight gases. The chemical properties of FluoroFilm FEP bags necessitate rapid analysis for reliable results. Stocked in a variety of sizes, and available with these fittings:

  • Single combined PTFE hose/valve and septum to minimise losses through adsorption
  • Single combined stainless steel hose/valve and septum for specialist applications requiring higher temperature

Both single PTFE and Stainless Steel Fittings are available in 0.5L, 1L and 3L sizes.

  • Very low VOC (volatile organic compound) and sulphur background
  • Inert and mechanically strong.
  • Choice of all-in-one PTFE or stainless steel hose/valve and septum fittings
  • Custom bags available
  • Mechanically strong 2-mil FEP — resists impact and tearing


FluoroFilm FEP exhibits poor storage stability for most VOCs and sulphur compounds. Analysis within 24 hours or less is necessary for many compounds.
Performance Profile
Background Very low VOC and low sulphur
Good up to 24 hours for some VOCs and low molecular weight gases
Thickness 2 mil
Sample Pump
Universal Pump or Twin Port Pocket Pump


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