South Australia Publishes New Landfill Guideline

South Australia Publishes New Landfill Guideline

As of April 2019, the South Australian EPA has published the Environmental Management of Landfill Facilities – Solid Waste Disposal Guideline.

This replaces the previous document published in 2007.

Updated following consultation with industry and stakeholders, the new guideline establishes the EPA's expectations regarding the site selection, development, design, construction, operation, closure and post-closure management of landfill facilities. This guide is relevant to landfill operators, developers, planning authorities and regulatory bodies.

Changes to the guidelines reflect the following key areas:

  • Diversification of activities in landfill facilities, such as resource recovery
  • Changing composition of waste in landfill
  • Significant advancement in the manufacture and quality of geosynthetics
  • Upcoming amendments under the South Australian waste reform agenda

To assist you in complying with your landfill obligations, Air-Met carries a range of gas monitors and analysers that can be utilised across the breadth of a landfill’s lifecycle – from operation to remediation. Our range includes instruments such as the Ion Science GasClam 2, the HUBERG Laser One Portable Methane Leak Detector, the Geotech GA5000 Gas Analyser, and the Elkins Earthworks Envision Gas Analyser. These can be used to assess the safety of a site and its surroundings, determine the stages of a landfill’s lifecycle, identify leaks in landfill cover, and more.

Download your updated SA landfill guideline below, or find your state's guidelines by clicking here.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding landfill gas and environmental monitoring, click here or call 1800 000 744 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.


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Tue. 23 Apr 2019

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South Australia Publishes New Landfill Guideline