INW USA founder Gregg Gustafson has dedicated himself to environmental technology for decades. A holder of several patents, Gregg’s work on the HydroStar pump proved instrumental in monitoring the notorious Hanford site.

Since the introduction of the INW USA P7000 pressure sensor in 1985, INW USA have continually developed new capabilities for submersible sensors. Current INW sensors measure temperature, conductivity, pH, redox as well as pressure.

INW USA believe that our world can be better protected with quality information. That’s why INW USA take it as their mission to create and provide high quality tools for monitoring our water resources. With precise data transmitted in real-time, you can make smarter decisions for our world.

“Measure by Measure” is INW’s commitment to our environment and their customers. INW strive to provide the world a better tomorrow by supplying today’s environmental data. That means convenient information that you can trust—because as an environmental professional, you need your data to make a difference.

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